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Gibson 490R DB Humbucker



Gibson counts the P490 pickups as modern classics, and that is also a great sound description for this well-known part of many modern Gibson guitars. The starting point was the legendary PAF (now available as Classic 57); this one has a bit more upper middle to make it more powerful. Still, with the Alnico 2 magnet, the typical singing sound is always guaranteed. The R version of the P490 has slightly less output power than the T, and is thus ideally suited for the neck position. Wonderful bell-like sounds without sludge - the P490 is not a screamer, but he sings all the more beautiful!

  • Humbucker
  • The modern equivalent of the Classic 57
  • The 4-wire cable enables different switching versions
  • With Vintage alnico magnets
  • Characteristics: Singing lead sounds and powerful rhythm sounds
  • Design: Black coils
Active No
Wiring 4-Conductor
Output Medium
Kappe No
Colour Black
Position Neck
disponibil din Iulie 2002
numărul articolului 156172
88 € 435,65 lei
Include TVA plus 19,90 € transport
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Data de livrare necunoscută

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Perfect Gibson neck pickup
Rolf2079 26.04.2021
Installed in a Japanese Les Paul (neck position), the pickup has that typical Gibson bluesy/jazzy warmth as hoped for, and with a nice top end. Plenty of output, I set the height lower to balance with a 498T in the bridge. I have a 90's Gibson LP studio and compared the two neck sounds - very similar with just a little more top end clarity on the new pickup. The 4 conductor wiring with a push pull pot switches to single coil for chords or picked stuff, or even just for reducing level while keeping the clarity - you could do series/parallel or out of phase too if you like. I installed a cover, (49mm pole spacing) , which was easy and still has the output and treble. To summarise, a great juicy vintage sounding neck pickup with all the wiring options, thanks.
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