Genelec 8010 AP


Compact Studio Monitor

  • Equipment: 3" Woofer (25 W), 3/4" Tweeter (25 W)
  • Frequency range: 74 Hz - 20 kHz (±2.5 dB)
  • 105 dB SPL Peak (1 m)
  • Signal-detecting autostart function
  • Connection: XLR
  • Aluminium housing
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) including Iso-Pod: 195 x 121 x 116 mm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Colour: Anthracite
Speaker size 1x 3"
Amplifier power per unit (RMS) 50 W
Magnetic Shielding No
Analogue XLR Input Yes
Analogue Input (Jack) No
Analogue Input (Mini Jack) No
Analogue Input (RCA) No
Digital input No
Manual frequency correction No
disponibil din Martie 2014
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Frequency range min. 74 Hz
Frequency range max. 20000 Hz
Dimensions 195 x 121 x 116 mm
Weight 1,5 kg
Speaker Hous8ing - Woofer System Bassreflex
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Excellent monitors
Kevin9727 26.05.2017
At the smallest end of the Genelec 8000 bi-amplified monitor series is the 8010A. Though relatively light (1.5kg each), the 8010As are solid thanks to the die-cast aluminium enclosure, with metal driver grilles to prevent damage in transit.

Portability is key, with power and input sockets neatly tucked in at the rear. They come with tiltable Iso-Pod rubber stands attached, simultaneously taking care of axis angle and transmission reduction. They feature standard 8000 series mounting sockets for a variety of options, from truss hanging to floor stands.

These are rear ported (bass reflex) enclosures, and just beneath the port is a recess housing five dip switches. Three contour the low-frequency response: -2dB and -4dB bass tilts which combine for -6dB, and Desktop Control which dips -4dB at 200Hz.

A Sensitivity switch pads the input by -10dB to adjust the external volume control range. The ISS disable control switches off the auto-standby mode, which drops power to below 0.5W when no input signal is present.

Big sound

"We were initially taken aback by how large these tiny speakers sound"

The 8010As have a maximum output around 96dB SPL at 1m - a realistic listening distance for this size monitor. We were initially taken aback by how large these tiny speakers sound. Once trimmed to match our main monitors, flicking between them is audibly less dramatic than expected, though they have temporarily replaced a pair of Auratones, so we shouldn't be surprised.

Having become accustomed to them we continue to be impressed by the low-frequency response in particular. Though running out of steam a good octave above their larger neighbours, they still ably translate bass components without over-compensating in the low mids/upper bass.

Being in a well damped room we haven't had to use the bass tilt controls, but the Desktop dip of -4dB at 200Hz helped clear up a muddiness caused by proximity to the mixing desk.

The clarity in the lower end of the frequency spectrum is testament to a quality design that keeps things tight enough to easily identify mix clashes. The solid enclosure combined with a well-balanced woofer (stiffness vs flexibility) provides a fast, punchy response with no overt ring-on.

Balanced and accurate

At the top-end the 8010As possess a smooth characteristic, accurate and free from hyping. As with the low-end, there is less extension than on much larger models, though to a lesser extent, so fine adjustments in the 'air' range are harder to perceive.

"With a monitor of this size we would expect a harshness in the highs and upper-mids that is not in evidence here at all"

With a monitor of this size we would expect a harshness in the highs and upper-mids that is not in evidence here at all, and we have been happily working away without any ear fatigue.

The mid-frequencies are well-balanced and accurate, making mixing and tonal decisions quick and easy. This also helps with depth perception, by which we mean the ability to pick out reverb tails, natural decays and relatively quiet sources behind dominant mix components.

The acoustic design of the enclosure and the wave guiding of the front baffle that covers the whole 8000 series allows excellent off axis response and stereo field accuracy. We've been quite happy leaning across to an EQ to make HF adjustments without losing any reference due to strong phase shifts.

Genelec monitors are not cheap and, considering the quality of design, components and sound, nor should they be. The quality of the 8010A is no exception and easily worth the price. If you are regularly on the move they will make a great investment, combining portability and durability equal to the calibre of sound.

There is enough scope for response adjustment to suit any number of mounting situations, from desktops to stands, and there's plenty of power to use even in large spaces
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Powerful for my productions
Itays 19.11.2020
The Genelec 8010 was a blind test for me. I only remembered the sound of "Genelec" I heard from my last visit to a music store (prior to Corona times), so the overall buy from Thomann was a shot in the dark. I had recently moved to a new place and sold my previous monitors.

As you can already see, I gave it 5 stars. I have owned a different major company's monitors for several years and the Genelec 8010 was a game-changer already within the first few minutes:

-The dynamic range this small speaker has to offer is just ridiculous. Drum / Bass low-ends are felt just as much as if I was wearing a pair of Beyerdynamic with a blasted volume.
-The price for the quality is (personally) more than I could ask for
-The speaker works under a wide variety of genres, as I tested it over time with a bunch of production work.

I bought these monitors almost half a year ago and my opinion stays the same.

The only problem with these monitors is that I didn't buy them earlier. Thank you Genelec! :)
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Great sound in a compact size
System 53 30.12.2017
I bought these after selling my krk 5s since I needed something smaller. I thought these would be perfect as they would both be a step up quality wise whilst downsizing my setup.
My main concern was about the lack of bass, which thankfully disappeared after hearing a variety of songs and testing a sine wave sweep. The bass is actually audible much lower than I thought (even around 40hz or so - around the same as the krk!)
They are as detailed as the bigger Genelecs and have the same sound too, I was pleasantly surprised to hear how great they sounded with almost any type of music, from Hendrix to Miles Davis, Noisia to movie soundtracks... it all sounded wide, clean and precise.

As for the issues I have with these, they occured when working on different tracks. I definitely noticed how "colder" they sounded compared to the KRKs, which I expected as I know KRKs are hyped in the midrange. I was a little disappointed with how boomy they sounded too, they peak quite a lot around 100hz and it's definitely noticeable when you're trying to do a clean mix. I changed the settings behind the speakers and tried as many combinations as I could, the only one really making a difference was the bass tilt/desktop control which helped a bit, but not hugely.

Nonetheless once you get to know them they are amazing little things and deliver a clean precise punch, and are perfect for anyone who needs big sound with limited space. Highly recommended!
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I like em,they are great! they are quality!
Simon889 04.11.2020
They lack low-end though, they are a little harsh somewhere in the mids/highs.

These would end up giving me fatigue compared to Adams or Eves.

I have been testing other speakers in the same size comparison, and I ended taking up the Adam A3X's when comparing them, also with the Eve sc203's (the Eves are great but they have a limiter on them which ruins everything for me, and they lack a little low-end compared to Adams A3X)

I have my own proper studio room and it's treated, and I have tested all three of them, both from my own ears and through the room testing microphone.

They are great for professional use, they are real quality and they are flat, perfect for mixing/mastering/production purposes, but would be much better with a sub though.

Would recommend these for anyone looking to make music and mix/master in a small room, obviously with room treatment.
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