DW Finish Ply 14"x06" Edge -132

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Snare Drum

  • Finish: Ply edge
  • Size: 14" x 06"
  • Edge Series snare drum impresses with its 10-ply maple wood shell, built between two extra-wide heavy brass bands
  • DW MAG throw-off
  • Incredible mix of warm snare sound with metallic rimshots of a brass snare
  • All shell hardware fittings in chrome
  • Colour: Broken Glass (# 132)

Informatii aditionale

Hloubka v palcích 6"
Shell Colour White
Sparkle Yes
Fade No
Surface Texture Of Shells foil
Shell (Material) Maple
Die Cast Hoop No
Shell Hardware Colour Chrome
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The Famous Sound of the Edge
Well, this instrument is a story on its own. It weighs about 11kg and the sound is super responsive.

Positive side:

The sound is very specific and definitely makes your records or live situations stand out from others.

VERY responsive, it reacts to the stick almost immediately, it took me a couple of month to get used to it, but when you know how to handle this, then it is a great tool.

LOUD, very loud. The more power you put into your stroke, the louder it gets. It doesn't choke the way some other metal snares could choke.

Negative side:

When I got it out of the box, everything seemed good, but after couple of months, screws started to fall off. I suggest to go over every bolt and bit by yourself, before starting to use it.

TrueHoops. It is purely a matter of taste, but I changed the hoops to Die casts, gives more control and less ring.

TruePitch screws, not necessarily a negative side, since you can tune more precisely, but when you lose one, then you should know that you need an M5 thread instead of inch measurement thread.

Aside from these minor drawbacks, it is great snare that will be your trustworthy tool for your entire life.
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DW Finish Ply 14"x06" Edge -132
DW Finish Ply 14"x06" Edge -132
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1.555 €

Snare Drum Finish: Ply edge, Size: 14" x 06", Edge Series snare drum impresses with its 10-ply maple wood shell, built between two extra-wide heavy brass bands, DW MAG throw-off, Incredible mix of...

DW Finish Ply 14"x6.5" Snare BG
DW Finish Ply 14"x6.5" Snare BG

Snare Drum Finish Ply version, 10-Ply maple shell, 6-Ply reinforcing ring, Chrome hardware, MAG lifting system and butt end with 3P system, Colour: Black galaxy

DW Finish Ply 14"x06" Snare
DW Finish Ply 14"x06" Snare

Snare Drum Size: 14" x 06", Finish ply model, 10-Ply maple shell, 6-Ply reinforcement ring, Black hardware, Colour: Black velvet

DW 14"x05" Finish Ply Snare Maple
DW 14"x05" Finish Ply Snare Maple

Snare drum Size: 14" x 05", Collector's Finish ply series, VLT maple wood shell, Nickel hardware, Foil-wrapped shell, Delta snare lift, True Tone Snare Drum Strainer, Colour: Vintage Navy (# 127)

DW Finish Ply 14"x05" Snare 150
DW Finish Ply 14"x05" Snare 150

Snare Drum Finish Ply version, 10-Ply maple shell, 6-Ply reinforcing ring, Chrome hardware, Size: 14" x 05", Colour: Black Ice (150)

DW 14"x6,5" Finish Ply Sn. Oyster
DW 14"x6,5" Finish Ply Sn. Oyster

Snare Drum Collector's series, Colour: Black Oyster, VLT maple shell, Black nickel hardware, Wrap finished shell, DW MAG Snare throw off, True Pitch tension rods, Tru hoops

DW Finish Ply 14"x06" Snare -127
DW Finish Ply 14"x06" Snare -127

Drum Workshop 14"x06" Snare Drum, Finish Ply Model, 10-ply Maple Shell, Chrome Hardware, Colour: Vintage Marine (#127), VLT-Shell, MAG Throw Off System, Remo drum heads, True-Tone Snare wire, True...

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Snare Drums
Snare Drums
The sound of the snare drum defines and unites almost all forms of popular music.
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