Cordial EI 0,45 RR elements


Jack patch cable

  • Length: 0.45 m
  • Jack 6.3 mm TS (mono/unbalanced), male angled flat to jack 6.3 mm TS (mono/unbalanced), male angled flat
  • Conductor area: 0.16 mm²
  • PVC casing
  • 95% cover
  • Diameter (W x H): 2.55 x 5.5 mm
  • Colour: Black
Colour Black
Length 0,45 m
disponibil din Februarie 2021
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Connector from Jack 3,5mm TS male ->
Plug out Jack 6,3mm TS male angled
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Great value patch cable
Mr Germanium 17.07.2021
These cables are great for space saving on a pedal board. If you are like me you may find yourself constantly looking for different length patch cables regularly as you change your pedal board around.

This often means using non-solder kits which I do not like or having to buy new cables in various lengths. A soldered cable is a better option and these are available in all the necessary sizes. These are similar to the flat EBS cables but the cables are slightly thinner. I see no issues however and the connectors are sturdy and overall the finish is good.

If you are a cable purist then you may look for particular brands but I have many brands of cable in my rig and these are a great option, particularly comparing their price to the established brands. If you treat a cable badly it will fail, no matter its brand or expense. Build your rig with a good sturdy pedal board with everything fixed properly and look after it and you will have no problems.
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