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Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio HD


Production Mixer

  • Easy control via the front panel or remotely via a software control panel
  • Integrated LCD for monitoring programme and audio levels and for changing menu settings
  • Resize and scale live video in real time
  • Create professional picture-in-picture effects with customisable frames, shadows and lighting
  • 17 DVE transitions selectable when switching sources
  • Four SDI and four HDMI inputs with resynchronisation
  • One upstream keyer and two downstream keyers
  • One chroma keyer and one transmission keyer (DVE)
  • Six levels
  • Two pattern generators and two colour generators
  • DVE with 3D outlines and shadows
  • Storage for up to 20 of your own graphics and logos in the Media Pool for retrieval via the Media Player
  • Compatible with all HD formats up to 1080p/60
  • Storable macros
  • SDI talkback outputs support n-1
  • Powerful integrated audio mixers
  • SDI rates: 270 Mbps, 1.5 G, 3G
  • RS-422 connection and network port for remote control


  • 4x SDI (10 bit SD/HD switchable, 2 embedded audio channels).
  • 4x HDMI type A (10 bit SD/HD switchable, 2 embedded audio channels)
  • Reference input (Tri-Sync or Black Burst)
  • 2x XLR audio input


  • 5x SDI programme outputs (10 bit SD/HD switchable)
  • 1x SDI and 1x HDMI multiview output

Note: IEC power connection cable not included.

Streaming via USB No
disponibil din Februarie 2020
numărul articolului 485828
929 € 4.598,77 lei
toate prețurile includ TVA
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Informații despre livrare
Livrare gratuită așteptată între Miercuri, 8.12. și Joi, 9.12.
8 Nivel de vânzări
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Din păcate a intervenit o eroare. Vă rugăm încercați din nou mai târziu.
It's classic Blackmagic
Brane 26.12.2020
In short: works fine, loud fans, there are a few classic Blackmagic gotchas.

Coming from ATEM TV Studio (the previous, 19" fanless version) the first thing you notice when you turn it on, is the fans. You get used to them over time, but they're definitely louder than laptop fans for example, and that's on their lowest RPM. They only get louder as the unit gets hotter. In a loud-ish venue, outside, etc. - it's perfectly fine. Not good if you're planning on using it in a quiet studio, especially not near a mic. There are guides out there on replacing the fans with quieter Noctua ones. We're planning on doing that, but this will probably void the warranty.

I haven't found a way to dim the lights on buttons 1-8. In very dark environments, the green lights especially are definitely annoyingly bright. The buttons can be useful in a pinch, solidly built, but for any more complex production, expect to use ATEM software control, or some other means of controlling the switcher.

Multiview output resolution & refresh rate is tied to the global resolution & framerate. In some cases you get an option to choose interlaced or progressive output (only for multivew!), in other cases you don't. Keep this in mind, if you're planning on using a PC monitor. 1080p59.94 will work fine, but 1080p29.97 (29.97Hz) will likely not work with a PC monitor. You will have an option to use 1080i59.94 (59.94Hz) multiview output in that case, which will likely work with your PC monitor, but the image on the monitor will likely appear soft and jittery, as PC monitors usually don't really know what to do with interlaced signals. No problems with camera / broadcast style monitors.

Unfortunately the AES/EBU input is gone, but, there are XLR inputs, which have a low enough noise floor, seems lower than on most prosumer level camcorders. If you're planning on using those, you will likely need a delay box. We're using DEQ2496 for that (and some light sound processing).

Other than that, it works as expected, no problems so far.
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Din păcate a intervenit o eroare. Vă rugăm încercați din nou mai târziu.
Great device, big flaw
Stage Production Services 29.01.2021
fantastic device, well built hardware and does what you need.
only accepts one input, so all video inputs need to be 1080p30 or all 720p30. you cant mix and match input types, which easily causes problems.
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Din păcate a intervenit o eroare. Vă rugăm încercați din nou mai târziu.
TOP im Vergleich mit anderen Herstellern!
Dirk79 24.11.2020
Zu dem Preis bekommt ihr die Qualität nicht bei einem anderen Hersteller. Zumindest Stand 11/2020.
Ihr habt hier Studio-Equipment zu einem Top-Preis.
Wir haben einen einfach TFT als MultiView im Betrieb über den HDMI-Ausgang.
Der Program-Out geht auf einen SDI-Distributor von Blackmagic und verteilt an zwei Beamer und zwei Bildschirme.
Als Eingänge kommen eine Kamera über SDI, eine über HDMI und ein Laptop über HDMI rein. Audio haben wir aus dem Mischpult über XLR eingeschleift oder vom Laptop über HDMI.
Die Software benötigt man zum bedienen nicht. Zum einrichten ist die aber sehr hilfreich! Wir bedienen ausschließlich über das Gerät selbst und haben damit nie Probleme oder Einschränkungen.
Die Montage haben wir ohne die optionalen Rackhalter selbst "gebastelt". Ihr müsst nur darauf achten, dass die Lüfter die Luft an der linken Geräteseite ansaugen und rechts ausblasen.
Einen Ein/Aus-Schalter gibt es nicht. Ein Kalgerätekabel liegt auch nicht bei! Also eigentlich liegt außer 4 Zetteln nichts dabei. Finde ich jetzt aber auch nicht schlimm, da man sonst nur das 300ste USB-Kabel und 150ste Kaltgerätekabel in seine Sammlung aufnehmen kann.
Der Lüfter im Betrieb ist zwar hörbar aber leise.
Wir setzen den Mischer in der Kirche ein.
Wenn ihr an so ein Gerät herankommt, dann schlagt zu!
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Din păcate a intervenit o eroare. Vă rugăm încercați din nou mai târziu.
Bon produit
LAQFR 30.12.2020
Bon produit mais n'est plus livré avec la carte SD.
Prévoir câble d'alimentation non fourni, cela mériterait d'être signalé dans le descriptif.
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