Behringer Xenyx Q802USB



  • 2 Microphone inputs with 48 V phantom power, 3-band EQ, compressor and peak LED
  • 1 AUX way (post)
  • 2 Stereo line inputs
  • 2-Track input and output via RCA
  • With USB audio interface
  • Master potentiometer
  • External power supply unit
  • Dimensions: 195 x 248 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Suitable bag: Article no. 481194 (not included)
Recording / Playback Channels 2x2
Number of Mic Inputs 2
Number of Line Inputs 8
Number of Instrument Inputs 0
Number of Line Outs 2
Headphone Outs 1
Phantom power Yes
Number of S/PDIF Connectors 0
Number of ADAT Connectors 0
Numer of AES/EBU Connectors 0
Number of MADI Connectors 0
Ethernet 0
Other Connectors No
MIDI interface No
Word Clock No
Max. sample rate (kHz) 48 kHz
Max. resolution in bit 16 bit
USB Bus-Powered No
Incl. power supply Yes
USB Version 1.1
Width in mm 195 mm
Depth in mm 248 mm
Height in mm 50 mm
disponibil din Septembrie 2012
numărul articolului 281982
unitate de vânzare 1 bucată(ăţi)
Width 195 mm
Depth 248 mm
altezza 50 mm
Height 50 mm
Weight 1,1 kg
Simultaneous channels 4
Parallel usable Channels 4
Mic-In 2
Mic Ins 2
Mono Line Ins 2
Mono Line-in 2
Stereo Ins 2
Stereo-In 2
Hi-Z Input 0
Phantom Power 48V
Master Out 6,3 mm bal.
Aux Ways 1
Number of Pre Aux max. 0
max. Pre Aux Channels 0
PC Interface USB-B
Interface Input 2
Interface Output 2
USB/SD Direct Recording No
USB/SD Direkt Record No
Compressor 1
Panorama 1
FX Processor 0
Effect Processor 0
USB Play No
Bluetooth Play No
Lamp connection No
Lamp Connector No
Foot Switch No
Footswitch No
Included in delivery -
Bag 203410
Zones 0
19" Rackmount No
Rackmount No
110V Power Supply No
Thomann Case 268315
Thon Case No
Gigbag 203410
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Stefan2121 11.07.2019
Decent preamps, a little noisy. Lots of ports for anything you might need. The audio interface latency is too long to record. The compressor and EQ sound good. One big downside is that it's overheating. Both the mixer and the power supply are very hot, always.
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Un mixer acceptabil
TR Razvan 22.10.2018
Un mixer care poate fi acceptabil pentru dimensiune si pentru facilitatile pe care le ofera.
Usor de manipulat datorita dimensiunilor. In privinta sunetului are un un zgomot de fond in momentul in care nu mixeaza nimic.
Ideal pentru podcast mai putin pentru muzica.
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Din păcate a intervenit o eroare. Vă rugăm încercați din nou mai târziu.
A few days in
Anonim 23.02.2017
I'v had this mixer a few days in already, i have it connected to my sound card via stereo (irrelevant: my sound card is also Behringer, the 204HD model).

First thing i want to highlight is don't expect to compare this to mixers in the 400-500? range, it's a cheap product for beginners/intermediate users.

The mic preamps seem fine for what you pay for, i still would rather use my sound card when recording. It does offer 48v phantom power, which is rare in the price category. The effects are okay nothing special. It's compact size is awesome for fitting it in your backpack and going for jam sessions, the size does come at a cost though, instead of faders for the channels you have level knobs which is okay but a little less accurate that faders. It does offer USB connectivity if you would like to use it as a sound card itself. The mic channels also have a compressor, not great but definitely useful when jamming with multiple instruments. The first downside i found was that is does not have rubber fits on the bottom for grip on your table top. This was a little annoying when someone accidentally stretches the cable plugged in, if not taken to account, it will easily slide over. This can be solved easily with velcro or rubber stoppers stuck to it. Sad that they did not think of this when making it.

All in all a great bang for the buck, if you're looking for extra inputs to your 2i2 setup (like i was) to plug a little more instruments and jam at the same time. I haven't used it via USB so i'm not sure if it supports multi-mix for your DAW via individual channels.

- Price tag must be highlighted 77?
- Perfect amount of inputs (2 mic/line and 2 stereo/mono inputs) capable of accommodating 4 instruments of all kinds.
- Heavy build for the price

- Not very stable on a table top setup, must be fixated using creativity/other equipment
- No faders

Would recommend this to noobs and people looking for cheap alternative to having more inputs.
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Din păcate a intervenit o eroare. Vă rugăm încercați din nou mai târziu.
The most complete of all the Q(X)xx02 range
Ionlab 10.01.2020
Let's get the cons out first.

No on/off switch or integrated power supply
USB/2-track is single directional (either input or output your choice)
No low cut on the mic channels
Very few level indicators
No XLR outputs
No integrated FX
No levels on the USB/2-track

The above features would have made this a killer product BUT at a much higher price. TBH I would gladly have paid an extra 10-12Euros for a QX802USB that would have had FX, Low cut switch and master fader as the QX1002/1202

But what mattered to me most and what makes this mixer stand out from the rest of the Behringer line is the fact that this is the only mixer at this price point (along with the plain 802) that offers 3band EQs on the stereo channels as well. Compared to the plain 802 whose price is a steal this one also offers compressors on the mic channels and a USB interface.

And actually if you factor in the Stereo Aux/FX return you actually have 10 channels.

Quality-wise a huge weak point is the power supply coupling at the mixer side, pay extra attention when plugging and removing the power supply so as not to strain the solder connections on the board.
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