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Yamaha Tenor Sax 7C


Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone

  • Material: Phenolic resin
  • Size: 7C
  • Tip opening: 2.00 mm
  • Ligature and cap are not included
Facing Length 20,00 mm
Tip Opening 2,00 mm
Chamber Horseshoe Shape
Material Caoutchouc
Cap No
Ligature No
número de artigo 258134
€ 40
Inclui IVA e não incluí € 20 portes de envio
Disponibilidade imediata
Disponibilidade imediata

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Entrega entre aprox. Quinta, 21.10. e Sexta, 22.10.
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Infelizmente ocorreu um erro. Por favor tente novamente mais tarde.
Not What I Was Expecting
Stephen148 28.04.2015
The least successful mouthpiece purchase I have ever made.

It's actually not the least expensive mouthpiece that I have ever bought, as I dud but a Bari alto that was less than half the price of this one. I have also bought more than one Yamaha "student" level mouthpiece (which were narrower tips) that have worked well.

So, I was not expecting miracles from it, nor was I expecting it to sound as good as the more expensive Vandoren, Meyer and hand made RPC mouthpieces I have used.

But, I was expecting more than what I actually got. This mouthpiece, considering it was a comparatively wide tip opening, has a thin and weak sound that is almost to quiet to hear well.

The sound regularly breaks up on notes that are not especially difficult to play, such as first octave G and A and altissimo above high F# is impossible - although I frequently have no problems getting to G, G# and A with other mouthpieces and the same reeds that I used for this one.

I find the product information confusing to say the least, as I do not agree that it has "Powerful volume and rich tone tonal variations", nor is it (in my view) excellent for experienced players".

I have considered the possibility that I got a bad copy, as this is so completely different from what I was expecting. It is also quite different - in a bad way - from a 5C of the same make and material (that I dropped and was hoping to replace this with), which I found excellent.
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