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Wise Publications The Jazz Guitar Chord Gig Bag


Accord Index For Jazz Guitar

  • With over 1000 jazz chords
  • Handy and compact layout
  • Quick and easy finding of chords
  • Logical arrangement of the almost innumerable harmonic variations of each guitar chord
  • Optimal reference book for jazz harmonies, chord variations and -Voices
  • In English
  • Practical spiral binding
  • ISBN 978-1-78305-842-4
  • 151 pages
Guitar Yes
Ukulele No
Bass No
Banjo No
Mandolin No
Piano/Keyboard No
Violin No
Cello No
Clarinet No
Saxophone No
Flute No
Recorder No
Trompet No
Trombone No
Disponível desde Junho 2015
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€ 16,90
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Data de disponibilidade desconhecida

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Handy little book!
GJK123 08.10.2017
I love this little book! I wanted to learn more about extended chords (9ths 11ths, 13ths, altered chords etc?) This book helped me out a lot in understanding these chords and finding useable shapes.

A lot of chord shapes on the internet I have found are either awkward shapes or have the wrong names. So this book is very handy if you want too practice through Jazz standards and Jazz charts. If I find a weird chord I can just look it up in the book if I get stuck!

The book is divided into sections and goes up chromatically. For example the first "chapter" has shapes for all the C major, C minor,C suspended, C augmented C dominant, C diminished and C slash Chords.
The next "chapter" are all the Db shapes and so on. The last chapter finishes on B.

The quality of the book appears to be very good. It has a nice laminated cover and ring binding so you open the book and not worry about it closing over on you.The print is really clear and crisp.The books is very lightweight and very portable.

What I will say is this book is probably not the best for beginners. It does not have the basic major and minor chord shapes. The book focuses more on extended chords. For example the first chords you will see are C6, Cadd 9, C6/9 etc... The shapes are represented by black dots on a fret board. These dots do not highlight which note it is or which dot represents the 3rd or 5th or 7th etc...They are just solid black dots.

So overall I would definitely recommend this book if you want to practice your Jazz chords! Well worth the price, very lightweight and very portable. I'm really glad I got it!
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Jazz Guitar ?
geo1 24.12.2018
i don't enjoy it .
a lot repetitions of same chords again and again and again , actually the 3/5 of the book is the same shapes of chords,
there is no theory at all in the book.
if you don't care about the knowledge of the chords and you just want to play this "strange" G7#5b9 that you find on r**l b**k then it's ok .
if you want to study chords go for something else.
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