Thomann Classic Guitar S 4/4


Classical Guitar

  • Size: 4/4
  • All solid
  • Solid, tinted spruce top
  • Back and sides: Solid maple, walnut stained
  • Neck: Maple, walnut stained
  • Fretboard: Acacia
  • Bridge: Acacia
  • Black top and back binding
  • Walnut coloured neck finish
  • Nut width: 52 mm
  • Scale length: 650 mm
  • Total length: 98 cm
  • Nickel-plated Van Gent tuners
  • Round, warm, differentiated sound
  • Strings: Hannabach 815 (Art.122784)
  • Colour: Natural high gloss
  • Designed in Europe
  • Matching strap buttons: Art.213102 (not included)
Disponível desde Novembro 1999
número de artigo 130180
unidade de venda 1 peça(s)
Cutaway No
Top Spruce, Solid
Back and Sides Solid Maple
Pickups No
Fretboard Acacia
Nut width in mm 52,00 mm
Scale 650 mm
Colour Natural
Case No
Incl. Gigbag No
€ 185
IVA incluído, € 20 de portes de envio adicionais
Em stock
Em stock

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Entrega entre aprox. Terça, 23.04. e Quarta, 24.04.

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4.4 / 5

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329 Críticas

Anónimo 31.08.2016
Ótima guitarra! Vale bem o preço gasto por ela, um bom som e uma beleza indiscritível pelo menos para um iniciante como eu. O único problema é que na parte posterior da minha guitarra existe um mau acabamento com o verniz que a torna áspera mas é só um pequeno detalhe.
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Not perfect but.. look at the price.
danielantunes 06.06.2017
There are a few unpleasing finishing touches trough out the arm but can be just mine.. Although the sound is good and for this price the wood vibrates real well! I'm satisfied with the purchase.
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Melhor custo benefício
Samuel Franco de Godoy 01.07.2022
Violão excelente, tem um som encorpado e nítido, não perde em nada para marcas e modelos mais mais caros, melhor custo benefício, parabéns a Thomann!
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google translate gb
Infelizmente ocorreu um erro. Por favor tente novamente mais tarde.
FE for SB 11.07.2019
Purchased July 1. Received unit July 9 here in the Western US in 8 eight days -- intact with no damage. Thank you Thomann for the great and efficient service!

I am a seasoned player (40+ years) and wanted a decent practice instrument. I have owned / played many guitars (classical, electric, steel string acoustic, etc) in the past (ranging from the hand made to the very mediocre). I intended to use this unit solely for classical playing/practicing. My priorities in selecting an instrument are: Sound/Tone, Playability, and a distant third, Appearance.

I was swayed to buy this unit based upon online research, YT videos, and posted reviews (I had never seen this instrument personally ever).

As with most instruments in the lower end of the price range, this unit offers a mix of advantages and deficiencies.

From previous experience, I immediately set out to upgrade/hone aspects which are often lacking: I polished frets (using 0000 steel wool only). The surfaces were quite rough. Also replaced plastic saddle with bone unit. I raised the height of the fitted saddle to improve tone and overall volume slightly. Finally, I changed out strings (I prefer LaBella 2001 HTs). These changes made noticeable sonic improvement.

Despite the all-solid wood construction, I was still a bit disappointed that the high notes (fretted notes on 1st or 2nd string for example) don't ring as loud and clear as I had hoped.
The guitar does have that balanced solid spruce midrange-focused tone however.

Frets: One fret was not properly seated (13th fret, under high E string). I used a padded clamp to press it into place. There are a few frets that are a tad high during the fret-rocker test.
They are not bad enough to be a major sonic concern however.
Polishing seems to have circumvented fret height differences.
Overall construction of the unit is good however. In particular, the neck position and geometry are spot on (very important in absence of truss rod). Interior fitting/gluing is also very good.
The tuners are average. Mine bound and wound unevenly when I re-strung with high tension strings.
Wish list: thinner finish would work equally well. A matte type option would be very desirable (less finish generally = more sound).

Having said all the above, I do give a recommendation to buy.
It is worth the time and expense to get one and tweak/fix it up.

Footnote: finally, for those that also like to upgrade and maximize the sound of guitars like the S 4/4.. One thing you can do to help improve the sound and responsiveness of an acoustic guitar is to CAREFULLY place it on or in front of a speaker cabinet/stereo and play music loudly. The acoustic vibrations will invoke the wood (especially the soundboard) to vibrate and that ultimately will help your instrument sound better sooner. Sounds goofy but it works.

Planning on buying another Thomann or VGS guitar in the upcoming months..

(apologies for the long post)
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