Soundboks Soundboks Gen3


Portable Outdoor Speaker System

  • Intelligent 3x 72 Watt Merus Audio Eximo Class-D amplifier
  • Equipped with: 2x 10" subwoofers and 1x 1" tweeter
  • Peak SPL: 126 dB
  • With Bluetooth 5.0 technology - up to 5 Soundboks can be connected wirelessly in "TeamUP" mode using SKAA technology (controller app available free of charge in the AppStore or Playstore)
  • 1 Battery (12.8 V 7.8 A Lithium Iron Phosphate) with 5-level LED display (included in delivery)
  • Charger 110 V / 230 V (included in delivery)
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours
  • Battery life: 40 Hours at half volume or 5 hours at full volume
  • Robust and shockproof
  • Weather and temperature resistant
  • 35 mm stand flange
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 660 x 430 x 320 mm
  • Weight: 15.4 kg
  • Suitable replacement battery: Article no. 419791 (not included)
  • Matching replacement charger: Article no. 419793 (not included)
  • Matching backpack: Article no. 516162 (not included in delivery)


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 3.5 mm stereo jack input
  • 2 XLR / jack combo inputs
  • 3.5 mm stereo jack output
Disponível desde Novembro 2019
número de artigo 472499
unidade de venda 1 peça(s)
Weight 15,4 kg
Woofer Size in Inch 2x 10"
Power (Manufacturers specification) 432 W
Mic Preamp 0
Effect Section No
Wireless Mic (Handheld/Head) No
Optional Wireless Modul No
CD Player No
Bluetooth Play Yes
USB Player No
SD Card Player No
more than 150 people 1
Width 430 mm
Type PA
larghezza 430 mm
Depth 320 mm
Color Black
profondità 320 mm
Height 660 mm
Active Speaker 1
Altezza 660 mm
Portable System 1
Peso 15,4 kg
Woofer in Inch 10"
RMS Power 216 W
Number of Woofers 2
Sound Pressure in dB 126 dB
Freqency min. 40 Hz
Power (Manufacturers Specification) 216 W
Stereo Wireless 1
Frequency max. 20 kHz
Accumulatore 1
parallel Inputs 3
IR/WiFi/Bluetooth Remote BT
Line Out 1
Cover 431997
Pole Socket 35 mm
Battery Information up to 40 hours
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Emotions and impressions!
Alexxxl 22.06.2020
It is impressive device! I gave it as a gift for my friend and I was never regret about. It gives to us more than good quality, more than good sound - it gives to us emotions and impressions!
Battery stopped charging tree mounths left. Low quality of the battery. Chinese BMS just blocked the battery.
Soundboks broke after half a year of using. Two speakers shout and one speaker are wery loud.
For that money the quality and tech support must be better.
Seller cant help us because we are russians.
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The best BT speaker for professional use
Alator 09.06.2022
I'm a visual artist / producer and got this for live shows, master reference listening and exhibitions. A faultless product that is complete overkill for home use (in every good way). I've used this to pair with another rented one for exhibitions and wireless / modular batteries make it far easier and tidier logistically to set up and break down. Sound quality is phenominal all the way up to max volume, far closer to studio monitor than PA speaker. A gripe, and it's truly one to consider, is once you get one of these - you NEED two! Once you've heard what two of these (stereo, as 1 on its own is only mono) can do in any enclosed space there's no end to the yearning for a second one. Another actual con is the batteries are prone to failure under certain, common, conditions. SB replace them for free though within a year of purchase, just learn what makes them faulty (don't leave powered on while pass-through charging).
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Not quite the dream it appears to be
Srikanta 28.09.2021
This seemed like the perfect solution for our small format, outdoor circus shows. Unfortunately the max volume on this device is only available using bluetooth. If you use pro audio cables the output is really weak. And then you are gambling your show on bluetooth...I've already had a show where the volume mysteriously halved in intensity for 30 seconds or so before (just as mysteriously) returning to full.
So sadly not as dreamy as it appears to be.
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The BEST Bluetooth speaker I've ever seen or heard.
mohamed naif 27.09.2021
soundboks is THE best compared to all the speakers.
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