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9. Sample configurations and typical use cases

You have probably noticed that a 100V PA system gives you the opportunity to set up relatively complex circuitry. Let's take the example of a centre (an amp), the lines (zones) and 18 speakers in total, all of which can be controlled by additional volume controls. The middle zone in this example is a larger function room, and powerful speakers are to be installed in its ceiling.

This is what the corresponding overview circuit diagram would look like:

Sample configuration with 3 lines
Sample configuration with 3 lines

Of course, announcements are rarely, if ever, necessary in a restaurant, which would leave a significant component of the 100V PA system unutilised.

Another example shows a system in a restaurant which allows announcements to be broadcast to several areas separately. This can come in very useful, for example if you wish to summon a particular person without this becoming general knowledge.


Sample configuration with 5 lines
Sample configuration with 5 lines

Check list for your planning

If you have decided that the time has come to invest in a 100V PA system for your company or public facility, you should know the snasers to these questions before you start looking at and comparing products:

a) How many sources do I have at my disposal or do I plan to connect (CD player, DVD player, tape, etc.)?
b) How many mics do I need? Is one communications station perhaps sufficient?
c) How many individually controllable areas/zones do I want, and do I need to control these centrally or from the zones themselves?
d) Do I maybe want to run more than one programme, and, if so, how many?
e) Is the system maybe safety and/or security-related according to EN 60849 (Sound systems for emergency purposes) or national norms? If yo, or if you are not sure, please turn to the relevant authorities for information.
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