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5. Amps

Typical 100V PA system amps are usually more than just an amp with a number of ins and outs, but they usefully connect a variety of audio devices, communication devices and speaker groups (zones) to each other. This is why we often use the term "PA centres".

Swissonic SA 125
Swissonic SA 125

Considering the wide variety of available devices, your individual needs are decisive. If, for example, you require one programme only (e.g. music from a CD), which is transmitted to a group of speakers, to which you can add voice announcements from one station, the centre above should suffice for you.

If, on the other hand, you want to control the volume of different rooms and integrate various devices, such as CD players and tuners (radios), you should go for a multi-zone enabled modular concept mixing amp.

Inter-M PMU-120N
Inter-M PMU-120N

The RCS 100V PA systems centre shown here, for example, features individually controllable output volumes, is multi-zone enabled (speaker groups can be supplied individually) and an intelligent interface which allows for connection with a communication device with individual and group switches (see below).

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