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Nux Cerberus

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  • Funk Off/On
  • Fuzzline Off/On
  • Hazey Off/On
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Multi-function effect pedal for electric guitar

  • 16 different effect types in 4 effect groups (delay / reverb, mod, distortion, drive)
  • 128 presets in 32 banks
  • Analog overdrive and distortion circuits
  • True bypass (OD / dist)
  • Realistic speaker simulation with impulse response loader
  • MIDI compatible
  • USB port for upgrading the software editor
  • Converter: 88.2 kHz / 32-bit AD / DA
  • 4 separate signal routings are possible
  • Kill-dry switch
  • Integrated chromatic tuner
  • Tap function
  • Multiple inputs and outputs
  • Dimensions: 320 x 100 x 65 mm
  • Weight: 1.26 kg
  • Compatible power supply available under Article Nr


    (not included)
Design Floorboard
Amp Modeling No
Drumcomputer No
Incl. Tuner Yes
Expression Pedal No
USB-Port Yes
Headphone Output Yes
MIDI Interface Yes
Line Out Yes
Battery Powered No
PSU included No
número de artigo 417154
€ 199
Envio gratuito, IVA incluído
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Disponibilidade imediata

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Várias opções num som pedal
joaomgomes 25.02.2020
Este pedal tem várias características interessantes. Possui 2 efeitos analógicos (Overdrive e Distortion) e vários efeitos de modulação, bem como afinador, Noise Gate e Clean Boost.

É possível ligar o pedal de várias formas. No loop FX do amp ou através do sistema de 4 cabos lingado na frente o amp o Overdrive e Distortion e os restantes no FX loop do amp.

É possível ainda controlar outros pedais através de funcionalidade midi.

O pedal pode ser um pouco confuso de inicio para perceber como funcionam todas as características mas depois disso é uma ferramenta bastante útil para usar ao vivo e ter uma variedade de presets num só pedal.
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Reportar a crítica

Miguel Vidinha 21.06.2019
Ótimo produto, boa construção e som, recomendo bastante esta pedaleira pelo simples facto de apresentar boas caracteristicas.
As qualidades é: construção, som, acabamento, manuseio e simplicidade.
Os defeitos desta pedaleira são: não trazer fonte de alimentação.
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Great small multieffect / fly rig
Popinjo 22.05.2020
Since I am not a professional or gigging musician, did not want invest a lot in a pedalboard with individual pedals for all the effects I want. On the other hand, most of the multi-effects are rather complicated, with too many options, and when you want to change the parameters you need to enter mutiple menues - and I do not like that. I wanted something simple, with almost all the effects I want/need and with possibility to quickly change parameters in an analog way - via knobs.
And this is it - no-nonsense, easy to use, but again flexible multieffect which includes the most often used effects. You can change parameters of each effect easily, in a matter of seconds, but you can also make and store your own presets (combinations of effects). You have an "extra" footswitch which can be assigned to the effect or can be used as boost. What I really like is the possibility to change the order of overdrive and distortion - you can put drive before or after distortion or in parallel.
Not that I use it, but you can also put time/modulation based effects in effects loop (after the amp - but I just plug Cerberus directly before the amp).
- compact size for multi-effect
- analog, easy and quick change/adjustment of parameters
- flexibility (presets or single effects, time based effect before or after the amp, order of overdrive and distortion)
- headphone output with cab simulation
- all the main/most often used effects by guitarists are here
- lots of connection options
- none really, especially at this price
- but one smaller remark - I really like the overdrive, but distortion sound just a bit muddy for my taste, lacking a bit of mid frequencies - so I often combine it with overdrive and then it just sounds great!

In total, a great buy, definitely a keeper for anyone that wants a simple, but powerful multi-effect.
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google translate gb
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Awesome product for the money!
Evgen666 19.02.2019
Super stoked to have that great product in my hands! I play mostly metal with lots of clean guitars, also I like to play fast and riff-based music. So in my case, it's crucial to have the unit which can switch completely my sound by clicking one button. Also love the fact that Cerberus has fully analog distortion/overdrive block. I had the Line 6 HD300 once but the distortion modeling was really weak there, plastic sound and overall digital feel so I choose from the old TC-Electronics Nova System and Mooer Black Truck. I choose Cerberus because it has IR loader, it has MIDI (for future), and it has distortion (unlike the Nova System which has overdrive only and not suitable for metal at all).

As far as the user experience - it's very convenient while playing (no need to dance on the pedals), seems sturdy and robust (metal case), VERY compact - plan to carry it in my small 10 L Quechua backpack with 2 cables and 9v DC power adapter.
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