Midas M32R Live


Digital Mixing Console

  • 16 Mic Inputs
  • 8 XLR outputs
  • 8 DCA and 6 Mute groups
  • 17 Motor fader
  • 5" Colour display
  • 32x32 USB Audio Interface
  • 25 Mix Buses
  • DAW Remote control
  • Wireless Remote Control via IOS App
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 478 x 617 x 208 mm
  • Weight: 14.3 kg
  • Includes rack-mounts
Disponível desde Maio 2019
número de artigo 454281
unidade de venda 1 peça(s)
User Interface Physical/remote
Number of faders 17
DSP Input channels 40
Mic Preamp 16
Physical outputs 18
Digital stagebox connection AES50
Hotspot No
Multitrack Record Yes
integratated Player/Rec via USB/SD stereo
19" Rackmount Yes
DSP Output Channels 24
Busses 16
Mono-Line Input 22
Stereo-Line Input 1
Ethernet Ethernet
Soundcard interface USB-B
Recorder Format WAV
Scribble Strips 1
FX Processor 8
31 Band EQ 8
Delay Input 1
Delay Output 1
Matrix 6
DCA/VCA Gruppen 8
Midi Connector Midi-Din
Sample rate 48 kHz
Monitor Apps 1
Separate Personal Monitor system Optional
Expansion Card slots 1
Digital ADAT Optional
Digital SPDIF No
Digital AES3/ASESEB No
Digital MADI Optional
Digital Dante Optional
110V capable 1
Case Included
Height 208 mm
Width 478 mm
Depth 617 mm
Weight 14,3 kg
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Disponível em 7-9 semanas

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Servimamede 03.05.2021
O único "senão" que encontramos foi relativamente ao software. Estamos habituados a outras marcas como a Presonus ou a Soundcraft em que os softwares são um pouco mais ágeis, mas sem dúvida que tem qualidades que suplantam esse "senão".
A qualidade sonora dos prés é excelente, assim como as possibilidade de roteamento!
O controlo é também muito preciso e fiável.
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gaspa 26.09.2022
Só o nome, ja di tudo
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Absolutely love this console
Soundman Sion 03.11.2021
We bought this for live sports events, and it has been fantastic. The flexibility on offer is excellent, and has solved a few complex routing issues we'd been struggling with. The mic pres sound decent, and the processing on offer is superb.
It's been a great help for us to have the XLR inputs accept line or mic level signal with no issues.

We've also used the installed USB interface card for backup recording and level monitoring on a laptop, which worked beautifully.
We've now swapped out the USB card for the Dante card, and again, faultless performance.

The build quality is superb, nothing flimsy or cheap here.
The layout and user interface are fantastically intuitive, with everything you need immediately to hand.
Midas' M32 Edit software allows you to configure the console either via laptop, or on the laptop ahead of schedule, and sending the config data back and forth is an absolute breeze.

I'm genuienly awestruck by the capabilities on offer on a console at this price.

The one and only thing that caught me out is that the outputs of the desk are fairly "hot" - so if you're feeding something critical, just make sure you line up your levels beforehand. -18dbfs on this console's output were around 4db hotter than expected on our audio embedders, which is easily corrected for, once we realised.
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DavC 13.05.2020
This is my 4th M32R console... What can I say... INCREDIBLE little console! You've got even "MORE" than what you pay for! They took over the market with the X/M32 consoles, and there's a reason for it: they are the best for the price!

Make sure to update to the newer firmware though (4.02 as I write this review); the new routing options are much more powerful. Also, you can choose between the FAST and SLOW fader speed.

The built-in SD Card recorder is very handy (I've got it to work with a 128 GB card BTW, despite the spec listed 32 GB maximum).

On the CON side, the screen is a bit small (but very bright), but you can control the full console with the PC/Mac APP in a breeze anyway...

Thanks Midas for such a great product!! A+++++++
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