Marshall 2525H Mini Silver Jubilee

Full Tube Electric Guitar Amp Head

  • Power: 20W
  • 2 Channels
  • Preamp tubes: 3x ECC83
  • Power amp tubes: 2x EL34
  • 1 Input
  • Controls: Presence, bass, middle, treble, output master, lead master & input gain
  • Speaker connectors: 1x 16 Ω, 1x 8 Ω (2x 16 Ω), 1x 4Ω (2x 8 Ω)
  • Di-output
  • FX loop
  • Dimensions: 510 x 232 x 220 mm
  • Weight: 10 kg

Informações adicionais

Power 20 W
Power Amplifier Tubes EL34
Channels 2
Reverb No
Footswitch Yes

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Every thing that I've expected and more!
markee.g., 19.11.2018
It is about 50+ playing hours with this amp so it's time to share my impressions.

I use it for rehearsals and club gigs with three different guitars: LP Gibson, Fender stratocaster and Ibanez jem. TC Spark mini in the loop for extra volume and Wampler Tumnus in front for more kick and sustain in solos. I took it with the matching cabinet 2536A.

Before buying I was concerned about two things:
- Will it be loud enough for rehearsals? (gigs were not considerable here because I have got other amps with more power for that)
- According to previously red reviews, is it really that hard to handle clean and lead channel which share EQ?

Mini Jubilee is really loud. Don't worry, it will eat the loudest drummer in your rehearsal room. It is loud enough for club gigs too. With volume pass 1 o'clock it has that massive Marshall taste which I really adore. This amp just can't sound bad, but master volume needs to be at least on 5-6. Answer for my first dilemma: Yes, its perfect for rehearsals and club gigs.
Rhythm clip sounds amazing to me. Real pity it's not foot-switchable (four stars for that only), and it doesn't affect lead channel at all, not to my ears.
Lower 5W possibility sounds excellent so if you need it for home practice or recording ? go for it.

Regarding clean/lead channel setting problem that is mentioned in many reviews that I red before: I really didn't have any problem here. You can balance lead and clean channel on this amp and it works satisfactory. When using guitar volume pots Mini Jubilee is very responsive and sensitive so you can remove gain with volume pots and get decent clean sound even with lead channel.
Nevertheless, if you are looking for crystal cleans this one is not for you. You will never get it with reasonable volume level, so if you need that - go buy yourself some Fender or similar amplifier.

Mini Jubilee can be used in the range from blues to hard rock with it's own rhythm clip and lead channel, but if you put some high gain distortion in front through clean channel you can go metal as well.

This great looking and well made amp looks classy. Everything on Mini Jubilee is perfect and the price is justified with quality. No cons here.

Believe me, if you are not Marshall fan yet, Mini Jubilee will make you become one.

Most highly recommended.
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Big Marshall sound in a little box
Pete-plays-guitar, 15.06.2018
I was bouncing back and forth over which Marshall to go for. Yes the DSL range may have more channels and a wider range of tones , but for pure 'rock' sound, OK the 'Slash' sound you really can't beat it.
I had spent some time on the internet reviewing the build inside and from my understanding the main circuit board in the Jubilee seems to be much superior to the DSL range and likely to last much longer. Nothing to do with where it is made, just the materials it is built from.
I think the problem with this amp is that it might be classed as a 'one trick pony', which I have to admit it could be, but it does that trick very very well.
The pull pot for the diode clipping on the gain knob I think sounds quite nasty and never use it, it thins the sound out quite dramatically and in my ears not in a nice way. The EQ is very powerful and more than most amps in it's range of cut and boost. However, with Base, Middle and Treble on full with the gain at 12 o'clock, you have a fat rock sound to die for.
To really make this amp sing, pump the front end with a clean boost (I use the TC Spark) allow the amp tubes to do their business to create the overdrive and distortion. I don't switch the lower wattage setting as it takes much of the body of the sound away, but it does allow bedroom level playing.
If you want that 80's / 90's glorious rock sound then this is the amp for you. Having it at a lower wattage helps greatly in overdriving the tubes for 'that' sound. I would not choose it for metal or anything harder.
All in all a very nice little amp head. If you want that Marshall sound in a head that will last for ever then this is the one for you.
Hghly recommended!
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