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Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Low E



  • Tuning: E major
  • Model "Major Diatonic"
  • Richter system
  • The most popular harmonica for blues, rock, country, folk and jazz
  • 10 Chambers
  • 5 screws secure the brass reed plate
  • Lid made of stainless steel
  • In two-part sliding case
Tuning low E
Comb Plastic
Number Of Reeds 20
Disponível desde Novembro 2018
número de artigo 453709
€ 32
IVA incluído, € 20 de portes de envio adicionais
Disponibilidade imediata
Disponibilidade imediata

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5 Customer Reviews

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Nice, but what about checking the quality
Serj Komandirov 14.03.2020
Sound is perfect. Delivery is really fast, it is big plus. Response (I'm not sure the stars in Rate of Response dedicated to Response from a harmonica to me or from Thomann, so I choose from Thomann) from Thomann is ok, but it needs to have a bigger desire to talk with clients. So here is very big minus: I asked to check and correct the tongues at reed plates in every harmonica I bought (3 harmonicas), because I have no skills in this and in my town I can't to trust anyone my new harmonicas. In all harmonicas I almost have not corrected tongues, so I disassemble it by myself and tried to correct with a little stick, like YouTube professionals say. Sound get better just a bit, but it is still not corrected, I am wasting so much air to extract a sound from certain holes (mainly are 6-10), I am afraid to correct it again, maybe I will break it randomly, because I'm not sure what I should to do to correct the sounds. To Thomann before and after purchase I have written summary at least 3 times to check and correct the tongues at plates, but they ignored it. Maybe I can learn correctly with these not corrected tongues, but I have a less pleasure from playing by wasting so much air, because of ignoring from Thomann. Thomann didn't answered me could they correct them or not, so I decided, that yes, like the checking before the delivery. I want, that Thomann take a part in the solving of our problem. Peace and love <3
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