Hohner Marine Band Classic Bb


HarmonicaTraditional Richter-Harmonica with 110 years of history. Wood comb with painted brass reed plate for a warm blues sound. Attractive lid with special shape.

  • Tuning: Bb
  • "1896 Classic"-Model
  • Richter model
  • 20 Reeds
  • Reed plate: 0.9 mm strong
  • Reed plate made from brass
  • Comb made of pear wood
  • Lid: Stainless steel, with clear coat varnished
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Tuning Bb
Comb Wood
Number Of Reeds 20
€ 30
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Still good after all these years!
Gerry F 15.08.2017
Marine Bands have been around for ever and are simply the classic Blues Harps. They bend easily, have responsive reeds and produce plenty of volume.

As the reeds are very responsive they are also great for quieter folk music - which I mainly play these days.

Marine Bands are not necessarily the easiest for beginners though. They are smaller than some other models which can make hitting single notes difficult when you are just starting out, and they do benefit from being broken in gently.

The older models had uncoated wooden combs which could swell quite badly and cut the unwary players lips, but Hohner are now coating the wood so this should not longer be a problem.

A highly recommended harp!
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