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Harley Benton StringWinder Spanner


Harley Benton StringWinder Spanner, classic stringwinder with integrated 10mm spanner to tighten machine heads, replace your guitar strings in seconds, the 10mm spanner fits the nut on all standard 10mm electric & acoustic guitar machine heads, remove bridge pins easy and safely with the notched head, different colors, delivered unsorted.

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€ 2,90
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Disponibilidade imediata

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Very useful
T0mmas 14.08.2021
I purchased this product to speed up my string changing. So far it does tremendous work. It winds really smooth. Don't have any sharp edges in risk of leaving scratches on the guitar if it slips out of the tuning peg. The latter happens a lot with my clumsy technique though ^^ The spanner feels solid, not just a cheap piece of plastic and the mechanism is working great, without any sound of squeal.

The only drawback I could find is in the notched head which can't fit the bridge pin of the acoustic guitar if the pin is all the way down. The edge is just thicker and can't go underneat the pin's head, which leaves me removing those pins using the classical approach - with pliers.

In overall the spanner does a really good job. Just refrain of judging it by the price tag - it functions perfectly. Vry nice and cool product from Thomann. Recommending it!
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