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Gewa Mute Heifetz Violin
€ 15,90
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Great Practise Mute For Every Violinist
Gor 19.08.2014
Whereas this mute seems to be made well (I love how it slides over the bridge), there's not a noticeable muting of the violin. I've been teaching for over 15 years and I like to order supplies and books to have on hand- just in case I have a student who needs something. Saves them time and shipping. I ordered this mute at the same time as 4 other types of mutes , but this one is great !!
This mute make my violin sound very warm and very touchily.
Overall it's fantasic.
This violin mute is great! Even I bought it for my daughter and she loves it. She said that the mute only mutes the violin slightly, but that's how it's suppose to be. It's a small mute and it's easy to take off and on. My daughter has been playing for 4 years now and she said that this Spector Violin Mute it MUCH better than the giant practice mute that she has been using.
Great quality.
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Gewa Mute Heifetz Violin