BetterSax Burnin' Tenor Saxophone 7*


Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone

  • Tip opening: 2.67 mm
  • The roll-over baffle design gives this mouthpiece power, projection and brightness
  • The deep chamber balances the steep baffle and gives the mouthpiece warmth and tonal depth
  • Straight sidewalls provide a focused sound with plenty of core
  • The use of Jody Jazz Premium Hard Rubber gives the look, feel and sound of vintage mouthpieces
  • Handmade combined with state-of-the-art CNC machining result in high quality
  • Finely modelled and hand-painted logo
  • Matte finish
  • Made by Jody Jazz in the USA
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Facing Length 0,00 mm
Tip Opening 2,67 mm
Chamber round
Material Hard Rubber
Cap No
Ligature No
€ 299
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Burnin is Killin!
Mervyn123 18.06.2022
Man, I usually play a metal Florida Link type piece that was custom made for me. I've been a big follower of Jay at Better Sax for many years. When I saw that he was partnering with Jody Jazz to bring out the "Burnin Mouthpiece" I knew I had to have it! After pay testing this piece for a while now all I can say is PERFECTION! This is by far the best Hard Rubber piece I've ever played. It's my favourite piece period! Tone, Volume, Articulation, Response, Altissimo. It can purr like a kitten and roar like a lion yet it never looses it's core. Tested in many gigging situations from acoustic quartet gigs to screaming rock gigs, this piece delivers in every setting! This piece is truly BURNIN!
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