Yellowtec iXm Bundle Pro Supercardioid


Recording Microphone Set

  • Recording microphone specially developed for interviews
  • Polar pattern: Supercardioid Bundle PRO
  • The integrated LEA engine guarantees a perfect recording level without artifacts as with conventional standard AGCs or limiters
  • Very intuitive and fast operation
  • Dual energy system for up to 16 hours total operating time with internal battery and additional battery compartment (3 x AA)
  • PreRoll buffer up to 30 seconds
  • iXm uplink app for data exchange between iXm microphone and iOS devices
  • Yellowtec Artikelnummer: YT5260

Delivery includes:

  • iXm Pouch
  • iXm Windscreen
  • iXm Configuration software
  • iXm Uplink app
  • Power supply unit
  • USB cable
  • iXm Briefing Book
  • iXm User manual
  • Lightning SD-card reader for iOS devices and USB-C SD-card reader for Android devices
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Wystąpił błąd. Proszę spróbować później.
Expensive, but totally worth it
kxszander 23.03.2018
As an all in one package, this is the ideal reporting tool. I run a Belgian media lab, and it is the tool for recording interviews. Its packaging is well-thought through and pretty, the sound quality is superb. The controls are nice, sturdy and intuitive, although a good reading in the manual is advisable, if not mandatory. There are multiple powering and recharging options, and the unit comes with some very cool and handy extras (e.g. universal charger, a quality wind-screen, a case and a LAN Flash card the allows for immediate ios-device-based checking or transfer of the recorded items). It is a pretty pricey unit, but in terms of build quality and ease-of-use, essentially worth it.
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