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Yamaha Reface CP


Compact electric piano

  • With SCM (Spectral Component Modelling) + AWM2 sound engine
  • 37 HQ mini-action keys
  • 128 Note polyphony
  • 6 Piano presets
  • 5 Effects (can be used in parallel)
  • 2 Line outputs: 6.3 mm Jack unbalanced
  • AUX input: 3.5 mm Mini jack stereo
  • Headphone output: 6.3 mm Jack stereo
  • USB
  • Foot pedal input
  • MIDI in/out (mini-DIN)
  • Power supply connection
  • 2 Integrated speakers
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 530 x 60 x 175 mm
  • Weight: 1.9 kg
  • Incl. power supply, MIDI breakout cable and user manual
  • Power supply with batteries possible (not included)
Number Of Keys 37
Touch-Sensitive Yes
Aftertouch No
Split Zones No
Modulation Wheel No
Number of simultaneous Voices 128
Sound Engine Modeling
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out, USB
Storage Medium None
USB-port Yes
Effects 5
Arpeggiator No
Number of Analog Outputs 2
Digital Output No
Display No
Produkt dostępny od Wrzesień 2015
Numer artykułu 368218
Pedal Connections 1
Dimensions 530 x 60 x 175 mm
Weight 1,9 kg
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377 € 1 763,31 zł
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Cena w zł podana jest w celach orientacyjnych
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Artykuł dostępny w magazynie

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Wysyłka spodziewana do dnia Czwartek, 2.12.
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Perfekcyjny wybor dla kompozytorow
wowo 03.07.2020
Bardzo podreczna do komponowania w drodze ze względu na zasilanie poprzez baterie.
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Wystąpił błąd. Proszę spróbować później.
Wonderful little monster!
PoeKey 29.01.2021
If the Reface CP becomes a classic, I would not be surprised. It's simple, a little weird, takes a bit of getting used to, and sounds absolutely gorgeous!

I use it as my throw-around, take-it-anywhere keys, and will also put it on top of my MAG organ for extra options on small gigs. I love the classic EPs, and they are there. There's even a decent acoustic piano hidden in there (why it is hidden is beyond me).

At home, the CP is permanently set up with a Yamaha CP-300, which has some fine EPs itself, but... the CP gives you direct control! Just turn a knob for any classic EFX you want, set it, change it, anytime, no menues. And these are all high quality effects. Not unlimited, but very well thought out. Authentic.

Tastes differ, but to my mind the CP has some of the best EP emulations around. Add the control, the overdrive, it's very involving. The attack is wonderfully detailed, also when playing softly, the sustain natural, and with the right pedal, it allows you to half-pedal. Very intuitive, very musical.

The keybed is too light for my taste, but I'm getting used to it, and contrary to other carry-on keyboards I've had, you play yourself closer to it over time, not away from it. In short, it's playable.

Speakers are surprisingly good for the size, but don't expect too much.

- No memory (we're not all on Apple).
- Full size MIDI connectors would have been nice.
- Indents on the octave slider a little weak.
- Output through the jacks is quite low.
But it's so simple and intuitive, focused in its scope, and sounds so amazing that I don't really care.

This little thing might well sneak into the pro world. One review suggested that if you are a traveling player, you should carry the CP and get some 88-keys at your destination to play it from (proper 1/4" jacks for output). Makes good sense.
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Wystąpił błąd. Proszę spróbować później.
Excellent choice for those who seek vintage tone and portability.
alexpls 04.02.2020
The only small thing about this keybord is it's size. Tone and playability is huge here!

Let's start from the key size as it's the very first thing i got my hands on. Being small doesn't necessarily mean that you are limited. In fact i found out that it can become a benefit because you can reach keys that you normally can't in a normal size keyboard. The trick here is to adapt your musical style to the specific instrument and that's where the magic starts. I found out that it can be a bit painful for your pinky if you play a lot with it but it can also be the case that i am not a keyboard player and my hands are not used to this fingering positions.

The tone of the instrument is great especially if you decide to hook it on a pair of nearfield monitors for practice, like i did. All the voices are great and usable except the Toy-Piano which i didn't find appealing at all. I can't imagine how this sound can fit in any mix, but that's just me. The built-in speakers are also very impressive in terms of sound quality. The stereo tremolo when combined with the Rhodes sounds is enjoyable and eargasmic. All effects are very responsive and most important easy to tweak while playing. The interface is super simple and a no-brainer, just the way it should be.

The portability is there (6xAA batteries) but i found out that if you play in full volume the batteries will get drained after 6-7 hours or maybe less. So i think that it's not safe to jam more than one time with the same batteries.

Overall the CP is a great instrument for the studio and for your couch or bed. Being so lightweight and so rich in sounds makes it a perfect tool for practice during a lazy afternoon ar even your work-break time. No joke, you can easily fit this thing under your screen/behind your keyboard. :D
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Wystąpił błąd. Proszę spróbować później.
Very impressive for the price
TrEr 28.05.2020
Yamaha rarely disappoints and this is no exception.

I got this for home recording. I've got Rhodes, clavinet, etc in my studio but I obviously can't bring them home every day.

The sound quality and "feel" of the instruments is impressive. For most purposes this little Yamaha can replace the real stuff and nobody would notice. Certainly not in the context of a mix.

The effects are surprisingly good too and seem to be fine tuned for electric pianos. Very nice touch!

The form factor is GREAT! No annoying menus. No computer screens. Everything is very "hands on". I love it! Very convenient size too.

The keyboard is small and may not be to everyone's liking but it's got midi in/out so I don't see a problem with that. The keyboard isn't poor quality though, it's actually quite good, just a bit small and limited in range.

The build quality is ok. It's obviously not built like a tank but it's better than most in this price range. I'm sure it will last many, many years if taken good care of.

I highly recommend this product! The sounds are amazing for the price. 10-15 years ago this quality of modelling wouldn't be found even in the most expensive hi-end keyboards.

The organ oriented Reface YC is equally great by the way (I haven't tried the remaining two Reface-models as their sounds do not appeal to me).
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