V3 Sound Control


Set for wireless control of V3 sound expanders via tablet

  • Set consisting of USB stick with integrated Bluetooth receiver and USB cable extension with 15 cm length
  • The V3 Control app is required for control (free download available for Android and iOS)
  • Suitable for controlling the XXL sound expanders (Grand Piano XXL Art. 460438, Accordion Master XXL Art.480639, Sonority XXL Art. 464208) without disturbing cables via Bluetooth and with the greatest possible overview - from sound selection to editing sound parameters to saving and loading registrations
  • The app extends your MIDI instrument with the functions of a master keyboard
  • Up to six sounds can be assigned to one MIDI channel (layers)
  • Your MIDI keyboard is played directly via the MIDI-IN of the Soundexpander; there is no delay (latency) between the striking of a key and the sounding of a tone.
  • The app interface is divided into different groups - UPPER, LOWER, BASS, SOLO, LEAD, SPECIAL and DRUMS - to each of which you can assign a different number of sounds
  • Each group is in turn permanently linked to a MIDI channel
  • The names of the groups serve only for identification, which sounds are used in the selected area is individually adjustable
  • A flexible handling of sounds is made possible by the Scenes, of which up to four can be used per registration
  • On/off commands can be stored in a scene to make sounds active (audible) or inactive (mute) - this makes changing sounds during a song much faster and more comfortable.
  • The app allows you to select sounds and adjust the following sound parameters in a simple, menu-guided way: Volume, Panorama/ Reverb, Chorus/ Attack, Decay, Release/ Transpose, Fine Tune/ Cutoff, Mono / Audio outputs: MAIN or AUX
  • The parameters are available for 16 sounds per registration (registration is the totality of all settings of the sound expander)
  • The settings can be saved in the app and transferred back to the Sound expander as needed - wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • The app provides 300 memory locations for importing and exporting registrations
  • The extended copy function allows copying individual sounds as well as copying individual parameters between different registrations
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