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Toontrack EZX Singer-Songwriter

Toontrack EZX Singer-Songwriter (ESD); expansion pack for Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 (item 399369) / Superior Drummer 3 (item 419735); drum sounds and patterns inspired by Acoustic Pop, Americana, Folk, Blues and all styles of the Singer-Songwriter genre; recorded at a smaller room with transparent and dry ambience; contains 5 complete drum sets from Ludwig, Yamaha, C&C and others played with sticks; one additional set from Yamaha played with brushes; 6 different cymbal sets; 10 snares, 6 kicks, 10 toms, 5 hi-hats and 13 cymbals; additional percussions like tambourines, shker, handclaps, sticks etc.; 16 Mixer-Presets; incl. MIDI files with genre specific grooves and fills

Hard disk space min. 5 GB
EZ Drummer version from 2
Superior Drummer version from 3
Numer artykułu 527602
68 € 310,98 zł
zawiera podatek VAT
Cena w zł podana jest w celach orientacyjnych

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