Toontrack EZX Progressive


Expansion Pack (Download)

  • For Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 (Article number 399369) / Superior Drummer 3 (Article number 419735) / Superior Drummer 2.0
  • Drum samples and MIDI grooves for progressive metal, heavy rock and all related modern rock styles
  • 3 Complete drum sets and a large selection of additional cymbals
  • A complete drum set sampled with brushes, felt-mallets and 'snares off' (Sakae)
  • 14 Mix presets
  • Includes MIDI files
Produkt dostępny od Listopad 2016
Numer artykułu 402073
Ranking sprzedaży 1 szt.
Hard disk space min. 1,2 GB
EZ Drummer version from 1.4
Superior Drummer version from 2.3
Download version 1
77 € 364,81 zł
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Wystąpił błąd. Proszę spróbować później.
Good Toontrack EZX Progressive
Emilian Titi 05.02.2021
Very good rhythms.
Very useful
I have nothing to complain about.
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Zgłoś nadużycie

google translate gb
Wystąpił błąd. Proszę spróbować później.
I regret buying this
MarcinN_PL 09.10.2020
I'm totally disappointed with this expansion :(
New 'progressive' drum sets are not as good as they seem from the samples on Toontrack website. I've found only one usable preset (and still, for the first time i needed to eq/mix it in my DAW to make it sound decent enough). And what is even worse - most of the cymbals sound really, really awful to me (almost like low quality mp3 compression artifacts) :/ This does not sound like 'progressive' drums - more like cheap plastic toy drums.

New midi pack is also disappointing - it contains only 4 'songs', one of which called 'Double Punk' and has nothing to do with progressive music (it's just simple punk rock groove). Another song 'Camo' has 30 fills and none of them really fit the rest of the song...
This is the first expansion from Toontrack (and i have a few of them) that I regret buying. I really had to force myself to use it.

I would not recommend this expansion to anyone, it has poor value to price ratio. Shame i can't return this...
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