Thomastik JF324

String Set for Electric Bass

  • Short scale
  • Thicknesses: .043, .056, .070, .106
  • Nickel flatwound roundcore

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Strength of the strings 043 - 106
Material Nickel
Scale Short Scale
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4.7 /5
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Great sound but practically unplayable (and not really short scale).
TrEr, 10.06.2020
I've used the long scale version of these strings for years. They are probably my favorite bass strings ever. I had never tried the short scale set... until now. Needless to say, expectations were high.
So, did they meet my expectations? In short: NO!

To illustrate the problem with these strings lets compare the gauges of the long scale set with these short scale ones:

TI Jazz Flats long scale: 043 - 056 - 070 - 100
TI Jazz Flats short scale: 043 - 056 - 070 - 106

Can you spot the problem?

The LONG scale sets are criticized by many for being too floppy. Personally I don't find this to be a problem at all. If you are used to really tight, heavy gauge strings then yes, you may have to adapt a bit but I think most people can do this without too much effort.

The SHORT scale sets however are basically the same gauges as the long scale sets except that they have a considerably thicker E-string. This means the A-D-G on the short scale sets will be even floppier than the long scale sets but the E-string will be much stiffer. In real life this feels very weird and the A-string feels ridiculously floppy next to the tight E-string.

I know I could have adapted to this loose, floppy tension if it had at least been consistent over all the strings but the jump in tension from E to A is INSANE! And THAT's the problem with these strings. You need to use a completely different technique/touch for the E-string compared to the rest. To be honest I find these strings almost unplayable.

Sorry Thomastik-Infeld but you need to do better.

Generally ALL types of electric/acoustic bass guitar strings from Thomastik-Infeld are only available in ONE gauge. No options. They are not a very customer friendly company. They take a rather arrogant approach to requests/suggestions too, which is a stark contrast to another German string manufacturer: Pyramid. Pyramid have EXCELLENT customer service and will provide custom sets in any gauges you can imagine. Thomastik-Infeld should start listening to their customers more and make strings that actually WORK.

I have no complaints about the SOUND of these strings (which is GREAT) but the playability is awful. These short scale Jazz Flats need to go back to the drawing board. It doesn't matter how great they sound when they're practically unplayable.

I've tried to think of reasons why TI have decided to design these strings with such uneven tension/gauges across the strings. The only thing I could think of was intonation but in real life the E-string actually intonates WAY off the others, taking a standard bridge saddle to it's limits. I've never had this problem with more "normal" gauge short scale flatwounds.

It's also worth noting that these strings aren't really short scale at all even though they are sold as such. They are in fact medium scale. I guess you could call them short scale in the sense of "short scale with a tailpiece" like Höfner Violin basses but the actual winding length of these strings is 32 inch MEDIUM scale. On a standard short scale bass (without tail piece) you will end up with the wound part of the string around your tuning peg. Which is normally not a very good idea, especially with flatwounds. I installed these on a Godin Dorchester which has a tailpiece but not quite as long as on Höfners and the E-string was actually a bit too long even there! Even on a short scale with a tailpiece! These strings should be branded and sold as "medium scale" (or at least "Beatle Bass" short scale or something similar). To be fair the winding length is specified on the TI website but NOT on the Thomann website. It only says "short scale", which is very misleading.

Finally the thing that I've almost avoided so far: The sound. And to be fair these strings sound absolutely amazing. They sound every bit as good as the long scale sets. Which makes it all the more frustrating that the weird gauges make them almost unplayable (at least for me).


Even though they sound great these strings are borderline useless in my opinion. Make sure you know what you're getting into before buying them. Compared to the long scale sets these are even floppier except for the E-string which is a lot stiffer. And make sure your bass can handle the 32 inch winding length.
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Miguel M, 25.11.2020
These strings are awesome. I use them at a Danelectro Longhorn bass for that deep and almost acoustic (in this semihollow bass) sound. They are by far the best flatwounds strings that I have used. Once I broke the G string and it was replaced with another brand and the same gauge. Nothing to do with the mellow (the best word that I can use to describe) sound of the other 3 Thomastik strings. I was waiting for the day that I could refit the instrument with all JF324. Contrary to the believe about flatwounds these don't sound dull at all. You do get all this bottom, but they also have a certain definition and subtle brightness. Totally recommended.
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