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Thomann Nataraj Tanpura Calcutta GP


Tanpura Calcutta Gents Pitch

  • Large tanpura with 4 strings
  • 4 Wooden pegs
  • 4 Fine tuners
  • Beautifully ornamented
  • Body made of pumpkin
  • Neck and top made of Toona Ciliata
  • Pegs made of the white parts of ebony
  • Components made of buffalo horn
  • Total length: Approximately 140 cm
  • Width: Approximately 40 cm
  • Depth: Approximately 40 cm
  • Includes bag
type of instrument Tanpura
comes with bag Yes
Numer artykułu 413255
499 € 2 295,89 zł
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Cena w zł podana jest w celach orientacyjnych
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Artykuł dostępny w magazynie

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Darmowa dostawa spodziewana pomiędzy Czwartek, 28.10. a Piątek, 29.10.
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It?s ok, but not great
Random sitar student 05.04.2020
The wood its not good (feels like plastic) and the ornament work its poor, it won?t last long. Also the varnishing work its pretty weak. The sound of the jawari completely closed which it?s not what you expect from a tampura, but this can be fixed by sanding the jawari.
The good things about this instrument this instrument its that is that it can be tunned perfectly and after doing some jawari work it has a nice resonating and buzzy sound. It?s a bit expensive for the quality of the intrument, but I recon you won?t find new male tampuras for a cheaper price (usually they cost around 700€).
Also I doubt this instrument is a real Radha Krishna as its shown in the picture. The tambura i recieved didnt arrive with the metal plate with the information about their manufacter or origin.
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