the box Pyrit 212 Sub A


Aktywny subwoofer

  • High Power Sub
  • Wyposażenie: 2x głośniki 12" z cewką 4"
  • Moc: 1000 W RMS, 4000 W Peak
  • Maks. 132 dB
  • Łącza: wejście stereo XLR/ wtyczka kombi i XLR Line Out
  • 2 gniazda statywowe: 36 mm
  • Powierzchnia: czarny lakier strukturalny
  • Zakres częstotliwości: 31,5 - 120 Hz
  • Wymiary: 735 x 475 x 520 mm
  • Waga: 41 kg
  • Przygotowanie na montaż kółek: Rozstaw otworów 80 x 60 mm (pasujące kółka: art. 415294 - nie jest częścią oferty)
  • Pasujący pokrowiec art. 321397 (nie jest częścią oferty)
Produkt dostępny od Kwiecień 2013
Numer artykułu 299664
Jednostka sprzedaży 1 szt.
Power (Manufacturers Specs) 1000 W
Number of Bass Woofers 2
Bass Woofer in Inch 12"
Colour Black
Width 520 mm
Height 735 mm
Depth 475 mm
Weight 41 kg
Wheels Optional
Stand Flange 36mm
Multi Channel Power Amp No
Remote Control No
RMS Power 1000 W
Sound Pressure in dB 132 dB
Housing Material Wood
Construction Bassreflex
Input Connector Combo
Output Connector XLR
X-Over Connector No
High Cut Non Adjustable
Frequency Range (-10dB) from 31 Hz
Frequency Range (-10dB) to 120 Hz
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2 999 zł
darmowa wysyłka, zawiera podatek VAT.
Dostępny w magazynie
Dostępny w magazynie

Produkt jest dostępny w magazynie.

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132 Opinie

Waldek 18.01.2019
Mialem mackie1801HD, myslalem, ze nic ich nie pobije, ale tan bass robi robote ! ?wietne wykonanie, rewelacyjny dzwiek ! Fajny soczysty bass !
Bije na lopatki nawet drozsze modele konkurencji ! POLECAM
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Valio 06.08.2017
I don't care what brand or speaker size of single sub box you've been working with so far, I can promise you that this thing beats them ALL !!!
You can point at any other brand that costs double the price of this one, and this thing will blow each and every one of them clean off, without even breaking a sweat.

I have this speaker as a set of 2x10" satellite +1 sub, and I play on open air venues for up to 200 people, and sometimes playing in bars. I play keyboards and striking a lower note is giving me the shivers now, it sounds so powerful! Up until now when I bought this sub, I finally stopped being worried about not having enough power. From the first night I've put it on stage, it blew my mind how much power reserve it has, and how low and loud it goes. I pushed it quite hard, until the point that my pants where shaking as I was 2 metres in front of it, and that thing still had plenty more to give before making it clip...IT'S INSANE!!!

Being 41kg. is not a feather, but still is much more compact than any 18" sub, and I suppose it gained that extra weight in form of structural rigidity, because 132db of sound pressure will and can mechanically destroy weak and poorly designed box, so it needs to be as heavy as it is. Still, the weight doesn't stopped me from buying it, even though I have to move it every night, but since I have a trolley to move it around, that's not such a big issue. Having to deal with the hassle of caring that heavy box every time, is well worth the pleasure to hear it roaring behind me.
And it also comes pre-drilled for wheels installation, you can use the box as a trolley on it's own.

Very soft but punchy bass.
Various presets to match it with your satellites at the back panel.
Drops very LOW powerful.
Comes prepared for installing wheels of your choice.

It would have been better if there where just holes in the middle of the side panels, instead of handles closer to the one end of the side panels.
Causes blurred vision and extreme bow movement when played loud ;)

If you have any doubts or prejudices about not buying big brand names, you can leave those worries away now, and you'll save yourself some beer money, without compromising in sound and quality...Thomann has put some serious engineering thought and know how in building this truly outstanding box...hands down to them for this one!!!

Update after 7 years of use:
I've had an issue with crackling speakers after about an year of use, but it somehow miraculously fixed itself on it's own shortly after it appeared, and I still use that sub to this day at least 3 times a week.
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This is just insane!! no, Seriously Insane!!
DjChrisW 28.01.2022
The reputation that this sub already has in the dj world, is that its an absolute beast.
I can only reiterate this along with all the other positive reviews.
There is no way you'll find a better bass bin at this price point. You'll probably be hard done by to find one as good at double the price.

I'm just blown away by the output of bass this sub delivers.

I've used lots of different subs over the years and worked along side many from budget to high end. This easily mixes it with the higher end subs. For example Mackie Swa1801(old skool), Hk audio linear 5 sub2000 , ohm trs 218 and knocking on the door of my person favourite bass system Aura XD18C (for low end)

I don't think you will find anything at this price point for power and bass that can live up to this sub. If i had room for another one
, I'd buy another tomorrow!!
Very deep well defined bass but also nice and punchy for them dance tunes.
It plays effortlessly across all genres of music. I think its seriously at home with the hiphop, rnb genres. It literally had my house shaking during testing. Cant wait to gig with this.

I'd have no hesitation in recommending the Pyrit 212a!

Big thanks to Thomann for a fantastic service. Especially shipping to the UK no issues at all

The only con is the weight and handle location to lift. Definitely recommend the caster wheels or a trolley. them only negatives are brushed aside once you have it rockin!
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My personal view for Pyrite 212A
UK Soundd man 16.06.2018
i use 2 of these with 4 Mackies SRM 450.V3 at the moment with a 16 channel DSP Mixer which enhances the sound Quilty even more. I use this System setup for small to medium venues for Weddings, Christening and Party's.
My opinion is you get a big sound for such a small compact system 212A gives out such a deep round bass line that will fill out lots of Venues here in the UK and that's without even pushing them to the limit.
I think wherever buys these will surely not be disappointed just set up correctly and your all good.
I am in the process of buying more i want 8 in total and that will fill most venues without stressing them out to much.
Hope this helps anyone who is looking at buying Pyrit 212A.
You get a lot for your money.
Customer service is reaaly good also and i have always received my items within 4-5 days.
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