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the box pro MBA1


Mobile Battery-Operated Active Speaker

  • Suitable for music, voice and instrument playback
  • With Bluetooth and 2-speaker mode
  • If a Bluetooth connection to an MBA1 exists and a second is switched on within the Bluetooth range, it automatically connects to the Bluetooth source
  • Equipment: 8" Woofers and 1" broadband tweeter
  • Class D power amplifier
  • Power: 150 W RMS / 300 W peak
  • 120 DB max SPL and 95 dB SPL (1W / 1m)
  • Frequency range: 50 - 20,000 Hz
  • 3 Preset modes: Music, speech and guitar
  • 2 XLR/jack combo Mic/Line inputs
  • 1 RCA stereo input
  • 3.5 mm mini jack AUX input
  • Bluetooth
  • XLR line output
  • Battery life: 4 Hours at medium power
  • Battery: 26 V, 3600 mAh
  • Charge indicator
  • USB charging socket: 5 V / 2 A
  • Current consumption: 210 W
  • 2x 35 mm speaker pole mounts 0° / 7°
  • Dimensions: 288 x 335 x 362 mm
  • Weight: 8.3 kg
  • Suitable replacement battery: Art.502692 (not included)
  • Suitable cover: Art.504160 (not included)
  • Suitable bag: Art.504865 (not included)
  • Suitable case: Art.506019 (not included)
Depth 335 mm
Height 362 mm
Type Standard
Woofer size 8
Number of woofers 1
Ways 2-Way
Power (manufacturers info) 300 W
Monitor slope Yes
Inputs 3
Low Cut No
Fan No
Housing Plastic
Color Black
Produkt dostępny od Wrzesień 2020
Numer artykułu 480782
larghezza 288 mm
profondità 335 mm
Altezza 362 mm
Peso 8,3 kg
RMS Power 120 W
Number of Tweeters 1
Potenza RMS 120 W
Number of Mids 0
Freqency min. 50 Hz
Stereo Wireless 1
Frequency max. 20 kHz
Accumulatore 1
parallel Inputs 3
Mic Preamp 2
EQ 1
IR/WiFi/Bluetooth Remote No
Effect Section 1
Line Out 1
SPL in dB 120 dB
Wireless Mic (Handheld/Head) No
Frequency range (-3dB) from 50 Hz
Cover No
110V capable 1
Frequency range (-3dB) to 20000 Hz
Pole Socket 35 mm
Flyable No
Ground Lift 1
110V usable 1
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259 € 1 191,17 zł
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Dostępny za 4-5 tygodnie

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Seems pretty legit so far
Paul592 03.07.2021
I have had this amp for about a week now and I've tested it out at home a bit in preparation for some gigs and maybe busking.

- Cost
- Loud
- Lightweight
- Decent overall sound
- Battery seems good so far

- At certain frequencies the amp barks unpleasantly, especially "s" sounds
- The "reverb" isn't actually reverb its a short delay!!!
- The bass levels are a bit uncontrollable sometimes

Overall I'm fairly happy with this amp for the price, but I really wish the reverb was a reverb, even a generic digital hall sound is better than the cheap sounding delay that it has. I was disapppointed by that cos I really wanted reverb on the vocals not delay.

For the money this could be the best one for small gigs or busking (even though in the manual they say not to use it outside... But surely that's the whole point of a portable speaker?!?!)

EDIT: It's been about 2 weeks now and all of the rubber stand offs on the bottom have come off! They used the weakest glue I've ever seen. I can literally peel it off with my fingers. BAD
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For Bass
Silvers 01.10.2020
From a bass player comparing the Bose S1 the MBA1... the MBA1 handles bass better. Still its easy to overdrive the speaker if not careful. Same can be said for the Bose though. At a comparative volume level though the MBA1 has a deeper cleaner tone for bass.
A normal acoustic guitar I would use the Bose....bass I would use the MBA1.
Would be nice to see more of these kind of battery cabs dedicated to bass though.... and not just for guitar
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Luke Uke 02.09.2021
I am so dissatisfied with the reverb, it is very poor even turned to full. It’s totally lost when the music kicks in.
Sadly I tried to return it after the 30 day satisfaction time. I explained I had not used this speaker after purchasing it in June 21 until late august . I used it singing but the reverb was totally lost. Not what I thought I was buying
I was offered no consideration as a customer of over 20 yrs. Other then it’s outside the 30 day satisfaction time. Not happy.
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Peter R. 438 23.11.2020
Plenty powerful enough for gigs in small and busy bars.
A bit "boomy" if not restrained by the eq, but trebble too can be overwhelming if not eq'd. Once eq'd, crank it up and rock out.
The echoe, or reverb, or what ever its called is a bit overwhelming too if not restrained by the controll knob. Not the best, but I never use it, so no problem for me.
Very light and sizewise, its a great package.
I really like this little beast,, but used on a stand at abou7t1-3/4 mtrs high, it punches out some real clean sound.
I reccomend it to solo performers. Very quick charge batteries easy last a full gig for anyone.
A little downer is the white noise in quiessance, but never heard in the venue, so absolutely no problem whatsoever.
Fast delivery and 30 days to return it if not happy with it.
We cannot go wrong.
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