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Studio 49 SGc Soprano Glockenspiel


Soprano Glockenspiel

  • Chromatic
  • Range: C3 up to A4
  • Steel sound bars (22x bars of 20 x 3 mm)
  • Resonator box from solid wood
  • Incl. 2x mallets S1
Pitch Range Keys For Chromatical Order
Additional Bars No
Numer artykułu 184478
207 € 946,66 zł
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Darmowa dostawa spodziewana pomiędzy Środa, 20.10. a Czwartek, 21.10.
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A good instrument
Anonimowy 27.12.2016
I use this glockenspiel in our Orff instrumentarium. It has happily replaced a cheaper (in every sense of this word) instrument, being made with obviously high quality metal alloy. It produces beautiful chiming tones as far as E4, after which the tones seem out of pitch, although they are actually correct. This means that you should not buy this instrument if you want to play it as a soloist for high pitched pieces. The alto glockenspiel in the same Studio 49 series would be what you need.

To sum up this soprano glockenspiel is best used in an ensemble together with lower pitched (alto) instruments. It is their perfect companion. Beautiful make from Studio 49. The wood mallets that come with the glockenspiel make it produce its cripest sound. Softer mallets will make a big difference towards mellowness.
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