Sonor NKS60P F Contra Bass

Chime BarThe chime bars of the master class KS 50 L, KS 50 P, NKS 60 P and NKS 100 P are overtone tuned and the resonance boxes are made of pine wood.

All resonance boxes are equipped with tuning adjusters for the manipulation of duration and volume of the sound. SONOR has developed special feet for these instruments to guarantee optimal resonance.

  • Key: F
  • 7 Available keys: F, F#, G, G#, A, Bb, H
  • Double bass grouping
  • 95 x 20 mm Rosewood soundboard (Dalbergia stevensonii)
  • With tuning slider
  • Resonance box for each tone made of locked pine wood
  • Includes 1 piece
  • Suitable mallets are SCH 8, SCH 15, SCH 16 or SCH 100

Note:The colour of the bar may differ from the illustration due to the type of rosewood used.

Produkt dostępny od Październik 2007
Numer artykułu 137705
Ranking sprzedaży 1 szt.
Pitch Range F
Material Rosewood
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