Silverstein Ambipoly Classic Alto 3.0

Reed for Alto Saxophone@Strength: 3.0

  • Concert reed with round and warm tone
  • Full timbre at any volume
  • Perfect and clear altissimo
  • Sounds like bamboo
  • Absorbs 2 to 3% of moisture
  • Plays better after 2 minutes
  • Breaks in during the first 30 minutes, similar to bamboo
  • During this process, the inner structure of the reed is aligned with the mouthpiece and the embouchure (only the first time)
  • Manufactured with precise chemical techniques to ensure a high consistency of all reeds
  • Reed can be modified with a reed knife or sandpaper
  • Manufactured from environmentally friendly food-grade material
Produkt dostępny od Czerwiec 2019
Numer artykułu 464581
Ranking sprzedaży 1 szt.
Material Plastic
Strength 3
41 € 192,22 zł
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