Shadow SH965 NFX-B Double Bass PU

Double Bass Pickup

Professional Nanoflex pickup for pure, natural sound, 100% buzz-free with NFX technology. Nanoflex pickups not only take the vibrations of the strings like common undersaddle pickups. Nanoflex senses the vibrations of the strings and the body of the instrument simultaneously and achieves a sound quality comparable to a microphone / bass / pickup combination.

The control unit is mounted between the middle strings. It also includes the inputs for the pickups and the 6.3 mm jack output. The 3 V cell battery reaches up to one year thanks to the minimal power consumption.

  • For double bass
  • Highly sensitive double sub-bridge pickup (1 pickups each bridge foot)
  • Absolutely free of disturbing background noise
  • Volume and tone controls
  • Output: 6.3 mm jack socket
  • Includes 3 V cell battery, type 2032
  • Very low energy consumption
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Active Yes
Passive No
Incl. Preamp Yes

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Shadow SH965 NFX-B Double Bass PU
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Shadow SH965 NFX-B Double Bass PU
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good for bow
Malina Ervin, 07.11.2019
I use it on old Austro-Hungarian kontrabass(100+ yrs old), I play a lot with bow and this pickup has better bow sound than realist, underwood(and shadow sh950) and fishman BP-100.

I use only ONE pickup (below E string bridge foot) it has clearer sound than when I use both pickups. This is because arco was sounding like on contra phase and pizz was more fretless bass sound than kontrabass sound... I met a guy with same pickup on some festival and I suggested him to try only with one piezo and the result was great(and he buy me a beer). He was about to sell this pickup and buy a realist, just because of pizz sound, but he also does not like arco on realist.

pizz is with massive bass so sometimes I must put down bass EQ on amp or preamp. Most time I use flat EQ on preamp and amp, depend of space where is gig and what kind of music.

I use Evah Pirazzi strings and pizz growl is perfect.

Before this pickup i used fishman BP-100 for 15yrs but setup was not like they recommend. i put both piezo plates on one leg(e string) down next to belly from both sides of bridge and make a U clip to fit them properly. pizz was great but arco was too sharp, but still better than realist and uderwoodlike pickups...

I tested all of them on my kontrabass with my friend who has realist on one bass and sh950 on other bass...

I use Fishman Pro-EQ Platinum Bass Preamp for mixing desk and GK MB-112 amp on stage.

I play jazz and latino standards, then I play with some popular(in Serbia) folk pop band, I play free improvised music, and I do acoustic covers with some band...

Hope this was helpful, and if I had any spelling and grammar mistakes - sorry about my English
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Great PU for double basses, all playing styles
MarcelH., 17.02.2014

I bought the Shadow SH965 NFX-B Double Bass PU 2012 and think it works really great.

I read a lot of reviews before and was looking for a PU which sounds very naturally and well balanced for slapping, pizzicato playing and while playing with a bow.
Because the PU at the bridge sound to bassy while playing with bows, I bought the Shadow SH965 NFX-B Double Bass PU.

The montage is quite simple: Relaxing the E- and A-string will get the bridge loose enough to geht the PU under the bridge, same procedure at the other side. Don't relax all strings at once, or your sound post could fall!
The rest is fixed with the enclosed screw to the tailpiece. But you have to fix it really tight, so it makes no sounds while playing!

I use it not as often as I could (mostly I play without my amp), the battery still lasts. The potis are both set to the middle position, I don't use them. I only use the potis at my amp.

Though I read, there is a new system, especially for slapping sounds, I would buy the SH 965 again. It works very good, is dependable ad makes a well balanced sound. While I'm not using any amps, I don't remove it, it always stays at my bass!
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Artykuł dostępny w magazynie
Artykuł dostępny w magazynie

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Double Basses
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