Schott Gitarrenschule Vol.1

Book for learning to play the guitar

This study book for learning the guitar is aimed at students learning in group classes as well as via one-on-one lessons in music schools, private lessons, and self-study. It guides the learner by means of logical small steps, taking in monophony up to polyphony, encouraging the player to learn to hear the meaningful harmonisation of multiple instruments, and to develop the ability to be able to orientate articulation and phrasing, particularly in regards to the human voice. (Curriculum of der Verband deutscher Musikschulen (Association of German Music Schools), 1975).

  • Volume 1
  • For individual and group lessons
  • By Dieter Kreidler
  • 96 Pages
  • Note: Book is in the German language


  • Foreword
  • The guitar
  • What to keep in mind when buying a guitar
  • Notation and tuning
  • Tuning the guitar
  • How to hold the guitar
  • Monophonic playing: Applied playing techniques
  • Alternate picking
  • Alternate picking exercises on one string
  • Alternate picking exercises on several strings
  • Repetition
  • The left hand
  • Tapping- and concentration exercises
  • Playing with the left and right hand together
  • Playing with a capo
  • Melodies within a five-tone variation
  • 2nd Position
  • C Major scale
  • F Major scale
  • D Major scale
  • G Major scale
  • A Major scale
  • A Minor scale
  • Transposable major scales in the 2nd position
  • Melodies in the 2nd position (exercise literature)
  • Transposable minor scales in the 2nd position
  • Melodies in the 2nd position (exercise literature)
  • Repetition
  • 1st Position
  • Major and minor scales on empty strings
  • Examples of execution
  • Technique for picking with the thumb
  • Damping during breaks
  • Damping during string changes
  • Bass melodies in the 2nd position
  • Two-voice playing (with empty bass strings): Exercises
  • Changing strings in the upper and lower voice
  • Damping the upper voice
  • Damping the upper and lower voice
  • Melodies in the 1st and 2nd position with empty bass strings (exercise literature)
  • Improvising and notating / making notes (atonal)
  • Two-voiced playing (with fretted basses): Exercises
  • Melodies (exercise literature)
  • Chromatic scale
  • Chromatic exercises (from Fr. Tárrega)
  • Interval exercises in the 1st position
  • Tonal improvisation as an example of the blues
  • Tasks for concluding study

Dalsze informacje

Level Of Degree Easy
Suitable For Children No
Incl. Notes Yes
With Tabs No
With Chords Yes
Bonus Audio No
Bonus Video No
For Classical Guitar Yes
for Acoustic Guitar No
German Language Yes
English Language No
French Language No
Format A4

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Schott Gitarrenschule Vol.1
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Schott Gitarrenschule Vol.1
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Artykuł dostępny w magazynie
Artykuł dostępny w magazynie

Artykuł jest dostępny od ręki.

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