Schill HT 385.RM Black


Cable Drum

  • Steel tube frame
  • Insulated handle and parking brake
  • Stable PVC compact winding body with steel side flanges
  • Detachable side flange with auxiliary winding
  • Colour: Black
Produkt dostępny od Listopad 2011
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Schill HT 385 RM Black
Mark P. 282 21.05.2013
This is a sturdy and well built cable drum - even though it is one of the larger type of drums it is lightweight and very stable. The well spaced feet allow you to reel off cable without the drum falling over and allows you to rewind the cable with ease. There is a friction brake on the rear of the drum which if set correctly stops the drum from overunning during cable take off and locks the drum completely for safe storage.
I now have 6 of these and plan to buy more very soon.

If you only ever buy one cable drum in your this one!!!!!!!
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