Rosendahl Nanosyncs HD


DDS Audio clock & Video Sync Generator

  • Synchronised to video sync/tri-level syncs, word clock, LTC
  • 8x Wordclock outputs
  • 2x AES, 1x SPDIF and 6x video outputs
Produkt dostępny od Wrzesień 2006
Numer artykułu 194991
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Dostępny w magazynie

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Darmowa dostawa spodziewana pomiędzy Środa, 25.05. a Czwartek, 26.05.

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Does what it says on the tin
noises off 02.08.2021
Great for when you need to lock your audio rig to video world and all they have to offer is tri level syncs and you need word clock. The unit can also deal with all the different types of frame rates (until they invent some more). Configuration can be done on the front panel or via an app. The app is a little basic but functional. If I had one criticism is that LTC is on RCA phono but panel space was obviously a limitation.

The unit is not as deep as you expect so which can be helpful in some ways but can also make accessing the connectors difficult if mounting above and/or below other rack kit. Not a criticism but worth knowing.
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