Roland TD-17KV E-Drum Set


E-Drum Set

  • Roland TD-17 drum module
  • 310 Sounds
  • 50 Preset kits
  • 50 User kits
  • Quick record
  • Coach function
  • WAV samples can be imported via SD/HC card
  • Bluetooth 4.2 transceiver for wireless streaming of music directly from smartphone or MIDI to compatible devices
  • Sounds inspired by the Roland TD-50
  • Sounds can be changed in pitch, damping, snare carpet tension and snare buzz
  • Reverb, compressor and equalizer can be adjusted per channel
  • Global bass and treble equalizer
  • Smartphone rack
  • Multi-pin connector (trigger in) for 8 pads
  • 2x 6.3 mm jack trigger inputs for additional pads
  • 2x 6.3 mm jack main outputs
  • 6.3 mm jack headphone output
  • 3.5 mm stereo jack aux-in
  • MIDI out
  • USB to PC (USB Audio and MIDI)
  • Includes cabling and power supply unit

Set configuration:

  • 1x 12" Two zone PDX-12 snare mesh head pad
  • 3x 8" Two zone PDX-8 tom mesh head pad
  • 1x 10" KD-10 Bass drum mesh head pad
  • 1x Two zone CY-5 hi-hat pad
  • Roland FD-9 hi-hat controller
  • 2x 12" Two zone CY-8 Crash / ride pad including stop function
  • MDS Compact drum rack
  • Required set up surface: Approx. 160 x 80 cm

Note: Bass drum pedal, seat and sticks not included in delivery

Produkt dostępny od Maj 2018
Numer artykułu 439554
Ranking sprzedaży 1 szt.
Incl. Rack Yes
Incl. Throne No
Incl. Footpedal No
Incl. Headphone No
Mesh Head Pads Yes
Pads (Stereo) Yes
Number of Direct Outs 0
1 690 € 7 872,70 zł
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My First Own Set - Enough And To Spare
danielkrn 27.01.2019
Got TD-17KV as my first in-house set. I do have drumming experience, but never had my own set, so decided to get this one as a slightly more advanced one. Thrilled to bits!

I use it as a kit to practice the technique and refine band songs. One month into it so far and it goes very well for both purposes. The assembly and set-up can be performed in under 2h, and the accompanying documentation is quite comprehensive.

Here are the *features* that became key for me:
Mesh pads. After a month of almost daily practice they still look like new. Large snare pad is particularly rad. Can't imagine playing a small one anymore.
Also, mesh pads are considerably more quiet than silicone ones - that is key if you're planning to practice in your apartment. Another thing is the bass drum pad - that one sounds louder, especially when you play double bass.
The drum module has a SD flash card drive so I use it for my setlist song playalongs. You can also aux-in your laptop, but I prefer to plug in my sample pad. Module allows to mix and adjust the volumes, including metronome, song, drums, and AUXed-in source.
Coach feature serves great to warm up and exercise the precision & speed.
50 drumkit sounds and 7 built-in song loops are great for start as well!
Owners of Bluetooth headphones will love the Bluetooth functionality (not sure about latency though). Also, you can stream MIDI via Bluetooth - which is OK if you're ready to do some mastering afterwards, since the result won't be well timed at all.
Overall, it will take a bit of time to get used to the navigation in the module, but it's no rocket science at all.

*Cons:* the hi-hat and its pedal are not my favourite components. The good thing about hi-hat here is the spectrum of open-closed positions, which is quite wide. The not-the-best-thing is the sensitivity of both pedal and cymbal, so the hi-hat will require to get used to it.
Also, the bass drum is quite loud, despite the felt beaters. Not really a con, but jFYI.
Another thing - maybe I didn't figure it out yet, but I know that TD-11 would export a *.MIDI file of your playing to the SD card after you finish recording. Somehow, TD-17 won't do that, and will return you a plain *.WAV instead.

I am personally love my TD-17. Its capabilities are fairly wide so it it's a long way to go before I outgrow them.
If you're thinking of buying this set, I recommend to browse around the Roland's website by each component (e.g. PDX-12, etc) - this will give you the overview of capabilities of every component.
Thank for reading!
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Very good purchase for this price
Brother M 05.08.2019
This is my second E drums, and I’m more than happy with it's.
The main reason for this is because I love the sound quality what comes out. There realy is something from TD-50.
I’m use it for live gigging and acoustic kit for this room is to loud.
Before this I had Yamaha DTX45K, yes, its starter kit, but difference between them is day against night.
If you use Roland original sounds, in different velocities is different sounds, so you can play load and kit will sound huge, and you can play quiet with the same preset and it will sound like you just accent the music.
I bought this version because I would like to tray mesh pads, and I’m happy with them, difference between mesh and rubber pads are huge, I think rubber pads are bouncier than mesh and rebound is more natural, so it can better control sticks.
I booth this mid version but now I’m looking how to update it, and I’m targeting on the same updates what are on TD-17KVX, so today I would buy top version, just because you will get 3-way ride and VH10 hi-hat.
In the sound module are thon of options to change your sounds, You just have to spend more time to understand all this, I’m using this kit almost 10m and I'm just aware module options.
I like Bluetooth connection, it’s very useful.

Some small, maybe imperceptibly minuses:
Rim click sounds is little bit synthetic and snare drum rim response could be better.
Roland have training software which works well with TD17, but you are available just some excesses, full version is for additional charge.

I would like to update it with some additional cymbals and some precision triggers, but it has only two additional trigger inputs and no MIDI input. So, there is limited options to expand the variety of percussions.

It has tree PDX-8 tom pads which are well done and sooth quality but around the mesh there is plastic rim for response tuner. And when you are passionate playing its easy to hit on this plastic part of drum, probably it will sound loud and inappropriate and will activate booth tom triggers, base and rim.

But total very good purchase for this price.
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Great product!
mbrfix 21.11.2019
After months of reading forums, watching reviews etc, my conclusion was that TD17KV(or -X) is the best drum set for this price range. I totally agree.

I had tried TD17KVX before buying this kit and realized that for apartments, cymbals were noisier even though they feel better. That's why I picked this one and I am happy with my choice.
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Bon produit, mais :
Billy Talent 04.02.2019
Bon produit, mais à ce prix, on attend quelque chose de très bon :

Points négatifs :
-Pédale charleston très peu sensible malgré les réglages dans la consoles.
-livré sans pédale de grosse caisse (indiqué dans la description, mais pensez-y)
-Zone de frappe du charleston assez étroite
-Beaucoup de sons inutiles dans la banque (à adapter selon les styles évidemment), mais je me retrouve rapidement à toujours jouer avec les 3 ou 4 mêmes kits.

Points positifs :
-Bleutooth, super pratique pour s'entrainer
-Peaux maillées / Pads de bonnes factures
-Pads avec 2 zones de frappes
-Console assez simple d'utilisation

Globalement le produit est de bonne qualité, 4 étoiles sur 5 car pour ce prix il ne devrait pas y avoir de défaut.

Par contre gros bémol pour le SAV thomann :
J'ai commandé ce produit en fin d'année 2018, j'en avais besoin assez rapidement (environ 1 mois plus tard). J'ai donc commandé la batterie (+ accessoires) pour un total de plus de 1500¤ (tous les articles étaient évidemment en stock).
Pour une telle somme, Thomann envoie le colis en 2 parties. J'ai reçu le premier colis assez rapidement. Par contre, le deuxième s'est perdu, il a voyagé dans toute la France (Je ne blâme pas Thomann, mais plutôt la Poste sur ce point). Sauf que dans ce cas, Thomann se réserve 3 semaines d'enquêtes. Même en expliquant longuement au SAV que j'ai besoin de cette batterie au plus vite, personne (vraiment personne, car j'ai navigué de services en services...), personne ne veut trouver d'arrangement soit sur un remboursement partiel ou un renvoi partiel. La raison : Le colis a une valeur de plus de 700¤... (Apparemment 700¤ est une grosse somme pour thomann, mais ne l'est pas pour le particulier qui achète...). Bref, il ne me reste plus qu'à attendre. J'ai fini par recevoir le colis car j'ai lancé l'enquête à mon niveau auprès de la poste. Bien sur, carton éventré en très mauvais état, mais apparemment tout y est. En gage de bonne foi j'indique de suite à Thomann que j'ai bien réceptionné le colis et que je pense que toutes les pièces sont présentes. Mon message a du se croiser avec celui de Thomann, car je reçois un message de leur part me proposant un remboursement puisqu'ils ont été dédommagés par le service postal DHL. Je m'imagine alors qu'ils vont faire un geste commercial pour cette histoire "Ah cool, un SAV quand même humain ?" Mais depuis, Silence Radio, malgré mes relances, ne sait-on jamais, aucun remboursement ou geste commercial.
Enfin, surprise sur la facture de téléphone à la fin du mois à cause du temps passé sur le SAV Allemand.

En conclusion, bon produit, mais le prix reste élevé, d'autant que le SAV Thomann ne joue pas forcément le joue en cas de soucis.
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