Roland Fantom 6


Synthesiser Workstation

  • 61 Lightly weighted, velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch
  • ZEN Core sound engine with 256 voices
  • V-Piano and SuperNATURAL sound engine
  • More than 3500 preset sounds and over 90 drum kits
  • Multisampling with up to 352 samples per tone
  • Memory for 128 scenes (x4 banks)
  • 16 Parts, each with up to 4 sound layers
  • Effects: EQ and multi-effects for each part, 2 insert effects, 6 drum part compressors, master compressor, master EQ
  • 90 Different effect types
  • Stereo 32-Band vocoder
  • 8-Voice pad sampler (16 pads x 4 banks)
  • Freely assignable stereo-analogue filter (3x low-pass, band-pass, high-pass) with drive level
  • Sequencer: 16 MIDI tracks with realtime and step recording as well as TR drum programming
  • Rhythm pattern, arpeggiator and chord memory function
  • 7" Colour touch screen
  • 8 Encoders and 8 faders with LED status displays enable controlling sounds, mixers and effects in real time
  • Real-time access to the most important synthesis parameters via backlit knobs and status buttons
  • ZEN Core Tone import and export
  • Roland Cloud Manager Support
  • AIRA Link Support
  • Integrate analogue synthesisers and modular systems via 2x CV/Gate outputs (3.5 mm jack)
  • USB audio interface, 24 bit / 48 kHz - 6 inputs, 32 outputs
  • Integrate Apple Logic and Mainstage via Smart Controls
  • Connect Roland Aira and Boutique devices via USB (power supply and MIDI data)
  • Main Out: XLR & 6.3 mm jack
  • 4x Sub Out: 6.3 mm jack
  • Headphone output: 6.3 mm jack
  • 4x Inputs for pedals and footswitches: 6.3 mm jack
  • MIDI In/Out 1/Out 2 (Thru)
  • 2 Mic/Line inputs: XLR/TRS combination socket, 48 V phantom power
  • 3x External Device: USB-A
  • USB-B port for computer connection
  • USB-A port for storage media
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1084 x 403 x 106 mm
  • Weight: 15.3 kg
  • Power cord included
Produkt dostępny od Wrzesień 2019
Numer artykułu 471214
Ranking sprzedaży 1 szt.
Number Of Keys 61
Touch-Sensitive Yes
Aftertouch Yes
Split Zones Yes
Modulation Wheel Yes
Number of simultaneous Voices 256
Sound Engine Modeling, Sample based, Virtuell Analog
MIDI interface In, Out, Thru
Storage Medium Internal
USB-port Yes
Effects Yes
Arpeggiator Yes
Number of Analog Outputs 6
Digital Output No
Display Yes
Amount Of Keys 61
Touch Sensitive 1
Number of Voices 256
Sampler 1
Number of analog outputs 6
Pedal Connectors 4
Dimensions 1084 x 403 x 106 mm
Optional Expansion Boards n/a
Weight 15,3 kg
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3 333 € 15 843,18 zł
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Cena w zł podana jest w celach orientacyjnych
Dostępny za 9-12 tygodnie
Dostępny za 9-12 tygodnie

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PiotrG 21.09.2020
Being forced to retire my old D-50 that served me well for the past 15 years, I hesitated to choose the successor for the home use of myself as well as children that started to learn to play.

And after the first week of use, I'm still astonished how great the instrument it! And If I had to describe it in a few words I'd say: "no compromise".

My experience with other instruments taught me not to choose a compromise and rather spend a bit more (if only I could afford it) to guarantee long years of uncompromised satisfaction and build this special bond with the instrument, every time you take it in your hands or sit in front of it. As the space for a keyboard in my desk studio was limited i chose the 61 key option, with semi-weighted keys. For a moment I was hesitating if taking the non-weighted keyboards at the moment my teenagers are going to use this instrument to learn was right. Now I'm convinced I took the right decision: the keyboard of Fantom 6 is marvelous. Surely, it is not a piano keyboard, yet its response is just great.

The construction seem very solid and I'm pretty convinced it will last for ages (hope that the longevity of the electronics will be similar to the one of 1985s era of Roland!). Sturdy chasis, with a lot of montage screws simply guarantees that there is rattling, et (as I needed to remove one of side panel to fit the instrument inside the desk, I had to open it and hence checked myself).

The quality of all dials is as you'd expect for an instrument of this price tag, and the touch screen makes the use so much easy: my 9 year old daughter is able to choose the instruments to compose layers with all the natural gestures that this young generation has with tablets and smatphones already. And still, having enough REAL controls for everything you may want to control in real time, without digging through endless menus brings so much confort. I particularly love visual feedback (and touchscreen-editing) when playing with filters.

The set of options seem endless, and surely catches all things I was dreaming to have in a keyboard (I did not try the Roland Cloud instrument simulation yet, and I look forward to it). The possibility of sampling instruments directly to Fantom is surely useful as well as tons of other options (there's lot about this in YouTube anyway).

The V-Piano synthesis delivers great and natural tones, with lots of variety to play with the tembres. Hammonds are fantastic. Needless to say about endless lists of pads. The raw power of Fantom is, again, with no compromise, and you could hear it in the complex multi-layered "scenes" that are so responsive.

The set of features for a synth-fan seems complete - it seems there is no other piece of gear that I would dream of purchasing now - everything is in! And in addition, software updates seem to enable new functionalities not available before (2.0 release of software last week enables quite a number of interesting new features); hence, hopefully with time you get even more bang-for-the-buck from Roland software developers.

The price is very high (ie. a bit of a madness for a non-professional use). Still if you compare it with a price of an upright-piano, and take into account the amazing versatility of Fantom, it is well compensated from my POV. And I'm sure it will accompany us for long years of musical adventures in my family.
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Interessante Maschine
Wolfgang K.O.K. 26.10.2019
Erstmal vorweg: Ich bin eigentlich Gitarrist und nutze meine alte Fantom G6 - Workstation, um Songs zu erstellen. Nun habe ich von der neuen Maschine einen ersten Eindruck gewinnen können: Was für meine Zwecke (bin auch ein Sound- Tüftler) hervorragend geeignet ist, sind diverse Möglichkeiten, mehrere vorhandene Sounds übereinander zu legen und nahtlos ineinander abzuspielen, oder die Sounds selbst zu ändern oder komplett neu zu generieren. Die Qualität ist hier sehr gut und man kann sich die abgefahrensten Klänge zusammenzimmern. Leider sind die unterschiedlichen Hall-Einstellungen gegenüber der alten Workstation Fantom G6 und besonders im Vergleich zu meinem Synth GT relativ abgespeckt. Die fertigen End-Sounds sind aber mit dieser Ausstattung ausreichend versorgt. Vielleicht bin ich ja als Gitarrist in dieser Hinsicht von meinem Axe FX 3 (wo es eine Vielzahl diverser Reverbs in hoher Qualität gibt) verwöhnt worden. Hier hätte Roland meiner Meinung nach mehr tun können, ist aber wohl auch eine Frage der Zielsetzung und was heut zu Tage angesagt ist. So ist das an Board befindliche Clip-System, um Songs zusammen zu bauen, für mich relativ gewöhnungsbedürftig und bedarf weiterer Erkundungen. Dafür werde ich wohl eher die alte Fantom-Workstation weiter benutzen. Aber für kurze Arrangements ist dieses Pattern-Track-System hervorragend geeignet. Sowieso ist diese Maschine wohl für den Live-Einsatz bestens geeignet. Bis heute habe ich lange nicht die Möglichkeiten genutzt, die in dieser Workstation, wenn man sie denn so nennen möchte, drin stecken. Sounds zu kreieren und nahtlos ineinander abzuspielen hat mich schon mal voll begeistert. Die Workstation ist sehr gut verarbeitet und bietet eine Menge Möglichkeiten, Parameter direkt zu steuern. Im Übrigen macht das Gerät ganz schön viel Spaß - und das ist ja wohl die Hauptsache, wenn man denn die nötigen Euros übrig hat.
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Roland Fantom
EddSeven 07.01.2021
It has a smooth way to build and use scenes as well single tones. Plenty of patches to create something great. Though, I would expect better accessibility toward oscillators' setup. As well, the cut off filter doesn't react well for several single patches. Great sequencer and chord memory function. Roland Fantom is a flagship, still.
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