Rohema Groove Cubes


Practice help for drummers

With the Rohema Groove Cubes you bring more variety into your drum practice routine. They randomly decide what you drum. The set contains 9 cubes made of beech wood. Different note patterns are printed on them so that you can combine rhythms. Two cubes together form the bass drum / snare drum combination. The hi-hat figure is combined with another cube. The fill cubes are four cubes that together form a fill combination that you might not have thought of. An additional tempo cube offers 6 different playing speeds in BPM (beats per minute). A little gimmick that allows you to set either the actual speed or a tempo as a "practice target"The Rohema Groove Cubes open up completely new possibilities for drummers, especially drum teachers and their students, in their daily practice routine.How often do you find yourself practising the same rhythms, beats or fills over and over again? With the rhythm cubes, you can let chance decide and have a new challenge every day that you can implement on the drum set.

  • Drum students can roll their own exercises until the next lesson. In the process, they improve and sharpen their note-reading, sticking and orchestration skills
  • The Groove Cubes have a side length of 30 millimetres
  • The small box with all 9 cubes fits easily into any pocket and you always have the cubes with you
  • Incl. Compact transport box
  • Material: Beech wood
  • Made in Germany
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Wystąpił błąd. Proszę spróbować później.
Miltos Pistof 20.03.2022
Great game!! Loads of fun for both kids and adults!! The build quality is amazing and there is a lot of potential for all kinds of exercises and games!!!
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