8 Channel MADI / AES Converter

RME complements its MADI series with the ADI-642, an 8-channel MADI from / to AES converter. Up to 192 kHz at 24 bits are supported. The ADI-642 contains an easy-to-use 72 x 72 routing matrix, with which any input channel can be assigned to any output channel. Both the 64 MADI and the 8 AES channels are thus freely configurable.

The compact device is used for format conversion from MADI to AES and back. MADI offers 64 channels of 24-bit audio at up to 48 kHz sample rate, 32 channels at up to 96 kHz, and 16 channels at up to 192 kHz. The transmission takes place over a single line, either coaxially (BNC) or via an optical network cable. In both cases, a cable length of more than 100 meters can be achieved. The AES channels are provided via 4 AES / EBU inputs and as many outputs on XLR. The ADI-642 understands the MADI formats 56 channels, 64 channels as well as 96k and 192k frames at the input, and can also generate these formats optionally at the output. It offers itself as a link between otherwise incompatible MADI devices. The ADI-642 is compatible with MADI interfaces from Sony, Merging, Lawo, Euphonix, Stagetec, Jünger, Audio Service and AMS.

  • 24 Bit / 192 kHz converter
  • Direct support for AES Double, MADI Double and Quad Wire
  • Direct conversion between these formats
  • Comprehensive status displays for MADI and AES
  • 72 x 72 Routing matrix
  • Automatic delay compensation when using multiple devices
  • Completely MIDI controllable
  • Transmits MIDI over MADI
  • Sample frequencies: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz, 192 kHz, variable (sync / word clock)
  • Sample Rate Range: MADI: 32 - 96 kHz, wordclock: 27 kHz - 200 kHz, AES: 28 kHz - 200 kHz


  • MADI: 1 x BNC, 1 x optical
  • AES / EBU: 4 x XLR, galvanically isolated, highly sensitive input stage (<0.3 Vss), SPDIF compatible
  • Wordclock: BNC, signal adaptation circuit (works from 1.2 Vpp), switchable termination
  • MIDI: 5-pin DIN socket


  • MADI: 1 x BNC, 1 x optical
  • AES / EBU: 4 x XLR, transformer balanced, 4 Vss
  • Wordclock: BNC, low-resistance driver stage, 4 Vpp at 75 Ohm, short-circuit proof
  • 192 kHz-capable analogue stereo monitor output
  • MIDI: 5-pin DIN socket
  • Sync sources: MADI, AES, wordclock, Intern
  • Varipitch: via input signal or word clock
  • SteadyClock for maximum jitter suppression and clock refresh
  • Jitter: Internal clock <1 ns, wordclock In <2 ns, AES In <2 ns
  • Jitter suppression with external clock:> 30 dB (2.4 kHz)
  • Jitter sensitivity: all PLLs operate without interference even with 100 ns jitter
  • Power supply via internal switching power supply
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 483 x 44 x 200 mm

Dalsze informacje

Amount Of Channels 8
AD Conversion No
DA Conversion No
Max. Resolution 24 bit
Max. sampling rate 192 kHz
S/PDIF Connecor No
AES/EBU Connector Yes
Word clock Yes
Number of analog inputs 0
Number of Analog Outputs 0
Headphone connection Yes
2 Oceny klientów
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
5 /5
  • obsługa
  • właściwości
  • dźwięk
  • wykończenie
2 199 € 9 989,97 zł
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