RCF M 18


Digital Wireless MixerDesigned for the ambitious musician and small bands, the RCF M18 is the first digital mixer to have various realistic amp simulations for guitar and bass on board.

It has 18 channels and can be controlled remotely via WLAN. With three different EQ simulations in each input channel, 11 realistic guitar and bass amp simulations including two Hi-Z connections, up to 19 effects that can be used simultaneously, and its internal audio player / recorder, nothing is left to be desired.

Six balanced AUX outputs are available as monitor paths even for larger applications and the headphone jack can be used as an additional stereo monitor path.

The integrated WLAN router with two internal and one external antenna encrypted with WPA / WPA2. Alternatively, an Ethernet connection is also available. In addition, audio files of the formats WAV, AIFF and MP3 can be recorded and played via the USB2.0 port.

  • 18 Input channels
  • 8 Microphone inputs (2 combo sockets)
  • 10 Line inputs, 2 of them with Hi-Z
  • 6 Balanced outputs via 6.3 mm jack
  • Stereo main out via XLR
  • 6 Buses
  • 19 Simultaneous effects
  • 3 Different EQ types in the input channels
  • 11 Integrated realistic Overloud and Markbass amp simulations for guitar and bass
  • Internal audio player / recorder
  • The headphone jack can be used for personal monitoring
  • MIDI in / out
  • Dual footswitch input
  • Integrated Wi-Fi dual-band router (2.4 and 5 GHz) with 2 integrated antennas and additionally supplied external antenna with WPA2 encryption
  • Ethernet connection
  • USB2.0 connection for recording and playback (wav, mp3, aiff)
  • MixRemote app available for free on iOS and Android
  • System requirements WLAN remote control via iPad (not included); iPad from version 2, iOS version from 8.1, "MixRemote" app (available free of charge from the AppStore)
  • Matching rack mounts: Art.393409 (not included)
  • Suitable protectors: Art.393435 (not included)
  • Suitable bag: Art.393372 or Art.492447 (not included)
User Interface remote
Number of faders 0
DSP Input channels 20
Mic Preamp 8
Physical outputs 6
Digital stagebox connection No
Hotspot dualband
Multitrack Record No
integratated Player/Rec via USB/SD stereo
19" Rackmount Optional
Produkt dostępny od Styczeń 2016
Numer artykułu 378741
DSP Output Channels 8
Busses 6
Mono-Line Input 2
Stereo-Line Input 5
Ethernet Yes
Soundcard interface USB-B
Recorder Format WAV/MP3
FX Processor 3
31 Band EQ 1
Matrix 0
DCA/VCA Gruppen 0
Midi Connector Midi-Din
Sample rate 48 kHz
Monitor Apps 1
Separate Personal Monitor system No
Expansion Card slots 0
Digital ADAT No
Digital SPDIF No
Digital AES3/ASESEB No
Digital MADI No
Digital Dante No
110V capable 1
Case No
Height 88 mm
Width 340 mm
Depth 180 mm
Weight 2,5 kg
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459 € 2 111,35 zł
darmowa wysyłka, zawiera podatek VAT.
Cena w zł podana jest w celach orientacyjnych
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Dostępny za 1-2 tygodnie

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Amazing digital mixer at a reasonable price
NickKorobo 26.03.2020
This product packs lots of features in an affordable price.
In general digital mixers are the only serious choice if you want an in-ear mix and this one packs all these features that you would need. If you play live you do not need to worry again for your stage monitoring or ask your sound engineer to increase a bit this or that. You simply open your smartphone and do it with a few clicks.
Another great feature is the stereo recording in a usb stick. It's so easy to create demos of your band, record your live or simply an idea of yours. Valuable for drummers or bands.
For a live situation you can either send your final stereo mix to the house (if it is a really small venue) or combine this with splitters in a small rack and your mics/inputs will feed both your d.mixer for your monitoring and the venue. Software is straight-forward and easy to learn. Finally, the wi-fi is ridiculously strong and stable. No need for an external router (as in the Behringer competitor).

Being now really strict given the price, here are some cons:
- only 8 xlr input out of 18 total inputs (so you need pre-amps to connect more mics. Thankfully e-guitars and bass can go directly from amp to the mixer without mic)
- no USB audio interface in order to separately capture the 18 inputs + 2 mono tracks
- only 1 stereo headphone jack (you can of course use the 6 additional mono aux outs for more in-ear or combine them in couples for 3 more stereo mixes).

Wish RCF was releasing their M24 as announced in 2016 as that would cover all of the aforementioned cons.

All in all, this is a great quality product for the price. I would definitely recommend it.
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RCF M 18 flimsy, weak, cheap, plastic case
Amazing Ant 26.09.2021
I have not had this long and new to digital mixers so haven't fully explored yet using the RCF M18 to it's full potential. This is more about the construction material of the case.
For a pro piece of kit, this should be in a metal case as it is far too flimsy and I imagine if you dropped this on a concrete floor would break into a 1000 pieces. It's a cheap flimsy plastic case which forces you to either buy the rack ears to mount it in a protective case ( the rack ears should have been included with it), or the rubber bumpers, both of which are expensive for what they are.
I wanted to do an update on using this. Firstly I bought the additional bumpers for the M 18 as I wanted to keep it light and small format with no additional rack gear for easy quick setups. The bumpers are great and add a lot of protection also it now sits nicely upright for easy cable connections. The bag for this is a bit pricey if your not fussed it will fit in an old laptop case where you can find loads of good cheap ones for a fiver or less in charity shops.
I work solo as a singer guitarist, I have a rack with all the toys in it for larger gigs but wanted something small and easy to setup for small, short gigs, overseas flights and busking. As regards busking I think this is fairly hungry power wise as the seperate battery pack with inverter I use drains a lot quicker using this unit(the M18 is not battery powered). It gets quite warm so I think the computer gear in it is working quite hard.
There is a bit of a learning curve if you haven't used a digital mixer like this before and getting used to not physically turning knobs and sliders. But I have been told nowhere near as bad/complicated as the Behringer X18. I haven't had any reliability issues with it at all, just user mistakes. Classic is at the wrong moment I have pressed the wrong button on my tablet that takes me out of the screen and silly things like that but if the worse thing happens and your getting flustered just switch the unit off. The unit is very user logical/friendly/intuitive. Personally the presets that come with it are a bit OTT. They may sound great in a studio but not live. For example all the preset voice eq's cause loads of feedback, the acoustic guitar presets make it sound like a cr*p electric guitar and the preset output setting either sound far too boomy or squealy. You have to tweak them. The rock electric guitar sounds are brilliant and that was one of the main reasons I bought this over the Behringer X18. And the backing track music player is great, if a little hard to read and select a track on a smaller display. You can also record but only the complete mix in stereo which is useful just to listen back too critically. I use in ear monitoring and although basic the unit deals with this well. One thing for me that is missing that is fairly essential and on most units of this kind have it, is a feedback suppressor you have to fart around with the eq settings while the squealing deafening feedback is clearing the pub out, so I took a star out for this reason. although its maybe a trade off for the excellent guitar amp modelling. Personally overall this is a great unit a game changer. I am amazed how much can be packed into such a small unit. Before I need tons of expensive big heavy complicated rack gear with cables everywhere that took ages to setup and a nightmare to track a fault, and in some situation is just not practical. This has made life a lot easier. One achilleas heal is to change any settings or use the music player on it you need a tablet or phone at a push. I dropped a tablet the other day it cracked the screen and rendered the tablet useless also the battery can go flat on a tablet( I had to make do with the tiny screen on my phone). I found it useful to have 2 tablets and a mains charger so for example you can display the mixer on one and for me as a solo act the backing tracks or effects settings on the other without having to go through the menu. Also if one tablet goes down you still have the other one. You may still find you prefer some of your external effects over the ones in the unit that's not to say they don't sound good on the M18. For example my TC Helicon Mic Mechanic sounds nicer on vocals to my ear but for the sake of convenience I stick with the effects on the M18. You can't easily physically label up the inputs, so if your mounting this in a rack and inserting cables on a dimly lite stage can easily put them in the wrong inputs. Also if you mount the M18 in a rack the light that shows its on is around the back so you won't see it.
Some useful added connections that you find on many analogue mixers but are not on the M18 would have been a 6.35mm stereo jack input so you can add music from either your phone or a portable MP3 player. An additional 6.35mm jack for headphones. An addition set of quarter inch jack outputs. A set of stereo phono inputs and outputs.

I will try and do a long term test maybe in 6 month's to a years time.
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Pedro Pavão 07.02.2018
use in the bandwidth test at home, which makes it quiet with headphones for everyone (band of 5 elements each with your smartpone controls your mix), you can record some idea or change music directly on a USB stick and listen on the spot . With a signal splitter is an optimal monitor circuit in ear closed to the band and unleashes to a situation where the PA fails + the mixer being wireless is top ... I recommend 5 stars
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djcue 05.09.2017
many of my client impress with the sound and portability very good product from thomann and it was quick delivery... highly recommended with all audio enthusiastic.
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