Vox Valvenergy Silk Drive

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VOX Silk Drive

Autor: Trevor Curwen · Liczba stron: 1
The Valvenerergy pedals, each based around a Nutube miniature vacuum tube in its all-analogue signal path, are designed to emulate the response and harmonic distortion of a valve amp. Four popular amp types are represented, in order of increasing gain: Silk Drive, Mystic Edge, Copperhead Drive and Cutting Edge. Each pedal has an oscilloscope-like OLED display that shows the resulting waveform as you play and all have basically the same front-panel configuration, apart from the Cutting Edge (not featured here), which is based on a US high-gain amp suitable for metal tones and has a Tight knob in place of the Bright switch. The pedals have a choice of three output modes: they can be used in standard pedal mode in front of your amp, as a line-level preamp or, with the built-in cab sim engaged, direct into an audio interface or PA. If you use two or more pedals together, a Channel Link feature lets you turn one pedal on while bypassing the others, rather like amp channel switching.