Presonus StudioLive Series III 16R


16-Channel Digital Rack Mixer with Integrated Audio Interface

  • AVB stage box mode for StudioLive Series III mixing consoles
  • Connectors: 16 Microphone / Line inputs XLR / jack 6.3 mm combo sockets with 48 V phantom power
  • Stereo aux input RCA (L / R)
  • 6 AUX sends
  • 6 Mix outputs 6.3 mm jack balanced
  • 2 XLR main outputs (L / R)
  • Stereo headphone output 6.3 mm jack
  • "Mute All" button to mute all inputs and outputs
  • Integrated SD card recorder (stereo) for recording the main signal and as a player
  • 18x18 USB recording interface
  • 32x32 AVB recording interface
  • Converter: 24 Bit / 48 kHz with 115 dB dynamic range
  • Fat channel signal processing: Polarity
  • High-pass filter
  • Gate / Expander with sidechain
  • Fully parametric 4-band EQ
  • Compressor with side chain
  • Limiter
  • Includes vintage plugins for EQ and compressor
  • 2 Master effects processors including vintage reverb plugins
  • Line delay in all inputs and outputs
  • Fully parametric 6-band EQ in all outputs
  • 8 Graphic EQs (31-Band)
  • Presets plus user memory for Fat Channel
  • Effects and graphic EQ
  • USB connector
  • Ethernet control connector
  • Ethercon AVB audio network connector
  • Control software "UC Surface" for OS X, Windows, iPad and Android tablet
  • Free "QMix-UC" monitoring app for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android smartphones
  • Includes recording software "Capture", DAW software "Studio One 3 Artist" and "Studio Magic" plugin suite (for download)
  • Build: 19" 1U
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 483 x 305 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Fat Channel Plugin Collection included
Max.number of input channels 16
Microphone Inputs 16
Analog Line Inputs 16
Analog Line Outputs 8
Analog in/ out with plug-in card expandable No
Digital Inputs AVB Audio Netzwork, USB
Digital Outputs AVB Audio-Network-Port, USB
Digital in-/ outputs expandable No
Word Clock No
Motorfader No
Computer interface USB, Ethernet
MIDI-interface No
Produkt dostępny od Styczeń 2018
Numer artykułu 426121
Ranking sprzedaży 1 szt.
User Interface remote
Number of faders 0
DSP Input channels 18
DSP Output Channels 10
Busses 6
Mic Preamp 16
Mono-Line Input 16
Stereo-Line Input 1
Physical outputs 8
Digital stagebox connection AVB
Ethernet Ethernet
Hotspot No
Multitrack Record Yes
Special Features Remote via Computer, Tablet or Smartphone
Soundcard interface USB-B
integratated Player/Rec via USB/SD Multitrack
Recorder Format WAV
FX Processor 4
31 Band EQ 2
Matrix 0
DCA/VCA Gruppen 6
Midi Connector No
Sample rate 48 kHz
Monitor Apps 1
Separate Personal Monitor system Optional
Expansion Card slots 0
Digital ADAT No
Digital SPDIF No
Digital AES3/ASESEB No
Digital MADI No
Digital Dante No
110V capable 1
Case No
19" Rackmount Yes
Height 45 mm
Width 483 mm
Depth 305 mm
Weight 3,9 kg
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Tiny but powerful package for touring band
Bob Wan 24.08.2018
The 1U rack mixer packs 16 XLR inputs and 6 separate output so I can have maximum 6 mixes for IEMs! That's a very decent package for a live band who use IEMs. Now I can just carry a Behringer Ultralink MS800 for vocals to split the signal for the FOH and the IEMs, the PreSonus 16Rs will act as the mixer/recorder and the two Sennheiser EW300 transmitters all fit in a 3U case and you are good to go with a portable stage mixer!

We are a beginner thrash metal band and we are currently not affordable to have a touring engineer with us. So this device is decent enough to cover up all the trouble on the stage. Haven't tried the recording function but I bet it will be hard to use (at least the recording feature is straightforward from the demo video).

I have updated the interface to the latest firmware but I always receive a random disconnect from the interface (grey color) on the UC-control. I will need to unplug the ethernet cable and replug it back then the interface will return to operation.

I also try the Qmix UC IOS app and the control is a mess. The dial for each mix doesn't work as expected; I try to adjust the dial of the specified track but once i touch the dial it will max the gain of the track.
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Great and convinient.
adomaslt 29.05.2021
I have lots of pre sonus stuff and this one delivers too. Nothing fancy or out of the ordinary, but works as should. I have other stuff in the presonus world so the integration with them and studio one is a bonus and convenience.

I use it mainly as a stage box in the studio, does the job.
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Recording use
FrankJN 11.05.2018
Bought this to be mainly to use as an audio interface for recording drums at a home studio. Set up was easy enough. Register online with mypresonus. Download/install the digital mixer software Universal Control. Install drivers/firmware and you're pretty much good to go.

I have to say there is a stupid bug in the Universal Control application with the resolution which made it difficult to toggle between channels on the mixer or see that there was a digital return channel on it(for sending audio from the pc through the interface). I was in contact with presonus support as a result. They were very helpful and quick response. Was a stupid issue as I was using a laptop which the resolution was 1366 x 768. I had to disable the locked taskbar at the bottom of the screen on Windows 10 and then it was visible.

After all that was sorted seems to be working quite nicely. A decent amount of FX in the mixer(EQ, Compression, limiter, Gate). You also get a daw Studio One Artist for free as well as a few plugins and a quck capture recording software.

So far I'm pretty happy with the purchase!
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Gute Investition
dutpoet 02.11.2020
Meine Bestellung liegt nun etwa 2 Jahre zurück und in dieser Zeit habe ich sowohl das SL 16R als auch das Unternehmen PreSonus schätzen, ja vielleicht sogar lieben gelernt. Die Pre-Amps halten was sie versprechen und rauschen erst bei sehr starker Verstärkung und dann in verkraftbarem Ausmaß. Der Kopfhörerpoti stellt die einzige Stellschraube und neben dem Mute-Button und dem On/Off-Schalter den einzigen Berührungspunkt mit dem Gerät dar. PreSonus war deshalb so clever und hat diesen eine hochwertige Haptik verpasst. Auch die Erwartung an hochwertige Buchsen wurde erfüllt. Die GUI ist aufgeräumt, steht allerdings im Schatten der mittlerweile etablierten hauseigenen DAW Studio One. Im Livebetrieb habe ich keine Erfahrungen mit dem Produkt machen können und nutze die GUI daher nur sporadisch, denn die Integration mit Studio One ist wie bei anderen PreSonus-Produkten sehr gelungen. Und auch die Texter des User Manuals muss ich sehr loben. Ich bin sehr lesefaul und doch kann ich mich noch heute an die positive Erfahrung erinnern, das Handbuch gelesen zu haben. Über die platzsparende Bauweise eines Rackmixers muss ich hier sicherlich nicht schreiben. Es bleibt also nur noch einmal hervorzuheben, dass ich durch diesen Mixer auf Studio One gestoßen bin, worüber ich außerordentlich froh bin!
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