Paiste PST7 16" Thin Crash


Thin Crash Cymbal

  • Size: 16"
  • PST7 Series
  • Traditional sound and look
  • Material: CuSn8 Bronze
  • Suitable for all music genres
  • Light crash for unobtrusive accentuation in quiet to semi-quiet music
  • Made in Switzerland
Hand Hammered Cymbal No
Finish Regular / Traditional
Alloy B8 Bronze
Produkt dostępny od Marzec 2014
Numer artykułu 336011
85 € 390,37 zł
Zawiera podatek VAT, nie zawiera kosztów wysyłki 9,90 €
Cena w zł podana jest w celach orientacyjnych
Artykuł dostępny w magazynie
Artykuł dostępny w magazynie

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Wysyłka spodziewana do dnia Środa, 8.12.
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Exceptional on a Budget
Simon Cox 18.04.2018
For the price, this cymbal performs very well with sustained rolls, sudden hard hits and gentle sticking on the bell.

Although it is suited to a big band, modern orchestral music and light pop/punk genres, this crash offers extreme flexibility with brushes, mallets and hard sticks.

The sound is very bright and can be compared to Madonna's "Material Girl" with a shorter decay. The crash seems to perform equally at all volume levels when struck on the edge, but does have a minor loss of sparkle when hit along its flater surface.

For anyone wanting to expand their drum kit, or simply need a quick and cheap replacement, this is one of the better options for a more consistent sound.
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