Otamatone Techno Black


Electronic musical instrument/synthesizer

  • Large version of the Otamatone Classic
  • Perfect size for musicians
  • Adjustable tones via iPhone Mobile App
  • Can be linked to mobile phone via cable
  • Operated by pressing the sound surface on the neck and opening and closing the mouth
  • Different note pitches can be set
  • Power supply connector for external power supply
  • Stereo headphone jack
  • Volume control
  • Battery powered (3 AA, e.g. Article number 417341 - batteries not included)
  • Length: 44.0 cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Includes shoulder strap

Note:App only works for iOS/iPhone. Smartphone not included.

Produkt dostępny od Grudzień 2017
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StephenPD 06.01.2020
My son(15, classical guitar) and I use this as both an Otamtone in the normal sense, and as a ribbon controller for a sampler, In both cases it gives a beautiful sound* through the much larger internal speaker, the ribbon is much easier to use with adult size hands (I find the original a little small) and the wah-wah mouth is excellent.

For me, the larger size, better ribbon controller, and controller, audio output, and external power make this is a big improvement on the original.

* In native mode it sounds like an original Otamatone but if you are reading this I assume you know what that sounds like.(it is not for everyone)
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Otamatone Techno black
darragh7421 15.10.2020
I bought this as a birthday present for my friend and honestly it was so fun to play only I wasn't that great at playing it. But she loved it and honestly it made me want to buy another one as it is a very funny and nice instrument. Sadly I haven't gotten around to buying another one as I've been very pre occupied with teaching but as soon as I feel like a new instrument I know this is what I'm going to purchase.
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Fun quirky intrument
Pockets 05.10.2020
I had the smaller one of these, Picked up the bigger one for more range and tone. Did no dissapoint.
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