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5. Harmon Mutes

Sometimes known as a ‘wah-wah’ mute (and from which guitar ‘wah’ pedals take their name), the harmon mute is a bulbous metal mute of two parts. It has a solid ring of cork at the top of the neck, and so forces all of the air from the instrument into the bell of the mute, creating a very shrill sound. A ‘stem’ in the middle of the mute can be moved in or out, or even completely removed. Miles Davis used a harmon mute with the stem removed on many of his more famous recordings. The wah-wah effect is created by putting a hand over the end of the mute. The harmon mute is probably the most flexible of all for trumpet and trombone, as many different tones can be achieved by extending or removing the stem.

Wah wah mute
Denis Wick Trumpet WahWah Mute

Sound Samples

Trumpet sound without mute

Trumpet sound without mute

Wah-Wah Mute (without Stem)

Wah-Wah Mute

Wah-Wah Mute (with Stem)

Wah-Wah Mute
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