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Poradniki online Thomann: 7 String Guitars

7. Workshop - Steve Vai

Don’t panic. One of the things that makes Steve Vai a true guitar great is that he does not limit himself to guitar finger-o-batics. He can say as much with a few notes as many of his contemporaries attempt to with endless cascades of noise. So here’s an example based not on what Frank Zappa described as Steve’s ‘impossible’ guitar, but on his melodic and groovy harmony playing. And, because it’s Steve Vai, the rules of guitar playing are broken and the bottom string is not tuned to low B - in this example it is actually a low D, giving greater depth and resonance to the piece, which is in D major.

Click here to hear what it sounds like: CHIEF STEVE (MP3)

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Zestawienie 7 String Guitars

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