LD Systems MEI 100 G2 B6


UHF Wireless In-Ear System

  • Consists of 9.5" MEI 100 T stereo transmitter, MEI 100 G2 BPR bodypack receiver and earphones
  • Up to 8 systems in parallel
  • Frequency range: 655 - 679 MHz
  • Integrated limiter up to +12 dB
  • 2x Jack / XLR combination inputs
  • Headphone output
  • Operates with 2x AA batteries
  • Detachable BNC antenna
  • Incl. rack mount, batteries and plastic case
Produkt dostępny od Maj 2016
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Switchable Frequencies Yes
Mono/Stereo Stereo
Limiter Yes
Incl. Earpieces Yes
Frequency from 655 MHz
Frequency to 679 MHz
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Strange things
Zoorik 11.07.2019

Strange things happens during running this device.
In "stereo mode" i have very much of radio noise in ears, actually i cant find a place and a frequency (within all range) without noise.

In "mono mode" situation is much better, but some little jitters have place. It is very uncomfortable because it hast any logic, even if you stand in one place noise can appear like splash, very loud and short.
I used mei-100 G2 before and the same problems was there, i return them. I thought it was frequency problems, but seems to be not

I tried to use sennheiser omni antenna (460-960 MGhz) but it has no impact on signal quality on any mode.

Next, i just turn the receiver on and hiss immediately going to in-ears. its like white noise on low volume, after i volume up, music covers up the noise, maybe this noise is operational but its very irritative.

I running 3 of shure radio systems ( microphones all of them) and no one of them produces noise on G2 frequencies (830MHZ and above).

i will look forward to other systems like psm 200 or psm300 the others are extremely expensive.

PS all this was because of noise wihtin 653-662 MHz. And also combiner must have for 2 or more devices
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Good wireless In-Ear
Stajmen 05.01.2019
These are good units, i got 2 of them.
The transmitter is simple to use and feels sturdy.
Didn't have any issues the signal is strong across longer distances even thru walls.
The only thing i don't like is the rubbery antenna on the receiver, it came partly off of one, so i had to glue it in place.
The sound is ok, you can't expect it to be as it was wired, there is a hiss at all times on both units, i guess this is normal and it's not too distracting, also there is a roll off in the lower frequencies.
The headphones that came with it are kinda bad, i replaced them right away.
All in all a good entry level in ear wireless.
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