Küng 2503 Superio Tenor Recorder


Tenor Recorder

  • Baroque fingering
  • Pitch: a' = 442 Hz
  • The SUPERIO tenor recorder is a solo instrument par excellence, which can handle pieces such as Telemann's solo fantasies in the original key
  • Thanks to its wide range and rich sound, selected pieces for tranverse flute can also be played with the SUPERIO
  • The new key additions are very popular and add a degree of user-friendliness to the instrument
  • Range: 2 octaves and a fifth
  • Produces an elegant and bright sound
  • Material: Cherry wood
  • Length: 64.8 cm
  • Impregnated with paraffin
  • Both the inside and the outside of the instrument have been treated with oil
Produkt dostępny od Sierpień 2016
Numer artykułu 395866
Ranking sprzedaży 1 szt.
Material Cherry
Colour Oiled
Double Holes Yes
Keys Yes
879 € 4 042,17 zł
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Clear strong tones for this tenor
MusicalTallbikeman 09.10.2020
This is a wonderfully responsive cherry wood recorder. It is somewhat louder than my other tenors and has a very clear captivating tone. Its lowest notes are very strong and loud with no special technique needed. It responds to tonguing with precision and clarity. It's low G# is a little weak and its high C has to be played with authority when it's been played for a while. Most wooden recorders start having problems from condensation after a while anyway. These are not game changing note problems at all. This recorder is very responsive to breathing and tonguing techniques and is a very expressive instrument when needed. The instrument is very well made. The keys are very easy to use. The recorder could use a right hand thumb rest as it is a little heavy and will slip down if you don't have a rest. I've been using the plastic snap on thumb rests but there are some very nice brass ones on the market that could be installed. Comparing this to the excellent 300 series Yamaha plastic tenor this is a much more satisfying instrument overall. . A very nice step up from my plastic Aulos and Yamaha tenors. The case is a very nice leather hard case with condensate mop I use this instrument in small recorder, guitar, cello groups playing most periods and types of music. This is an update after 7 months of regular use. This recorder has broken in and sounds amazing. It responds easily and loudly if desired. The highest C plays without issue and all notes from low C up to the highest E are easy to play. Very pleased with this recorder. I highly recommend it.
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