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Hal Leonard Guitar Aerobics

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Exercise Book for Guitar

  • 52 Exercises for guitar
  • By Troy Nelson
  • 52 Week workout for improving guitar technique
  • ISBN 9781423414353, Publisher Nr. HL00695946
  • Format: DIN A4
  • 112 Pages
  • In the English language
  • Includes download for demo recordings
Harmony No
Scales/Pentatonic No
Rhythm theory No
Improvisation No
Rock/Metal No
Jazz No
Blues No
Pedal/Lapsteel No
Country No
Fingerpicking No
Funk/Soul No
Etudes/Exercises Yes
Folk No
Flamenco No
Language German
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Really nice
Victoria Kane 07.08.2017
This book makes studying soooo much easier. It gives you a daily excersize to start with, to focus on, rather than sitting and feeling overwhelmed with all the things you want to study.

Very interesting exercises, they work, they keep you fit, they make your hands faster and stronger and gives you lots of resources from different techniques and styles. Then you can go deeper on your own, but it's a great start and stay focused.

The exercises are grouped in different styles, but they are techniques that you can use on any other style. For example, I play jazz, blues and surf music and I hate heavy metal, but the first exercises are grouped in this style. Still, you can use them in any other styles.
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Visible progress!
Bob81 11.02.2020
I've tried to follow all the exercises for the requested year (365 exercises, one per day).

Pros: after and also during the entire period you can really see progress in your playing such as dexterity and sensibility.

Cons: maybe too much "metal" licks if you don't love this genre... but all in all it doesn't matter if the final result is to improve your playing.

After a year of study my opinion is very positive.
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Good book for practice routine
Richmond 12.01.2021
This book provides with a lot of material, and keep you busy for practice sessions. Each exercise is very concise and focuses on development of some of the guitar technique, like: alternate picking, string bends, arpeggios, sweep picking, legato, etc.
This book helps with practice discipline, and each exercise can be used as means of warm up for guitar playing session.

The exercises are written in both: notation and tabulate. This can also be helpful if you want to improve sight reading skill.
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Wystąpił błąd. Proszę spróbować później.
Great for keeping playing standards up
Anonimowy 16.05.2015
I've been playing for the best part of eight years, this book has helped me immensely in just making sure that I don't stick to one style of playing or develop bad habits. Wouldn't make a good book for beginners as some of the economy picking/sweep picking exercises are quite hard. Accompaniment CD is a bit rubbish but it doesn't matter as long as you can read tabs you can just practice with a metronome
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